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Not a Bad A/V Receiver... Better ones available in it's price range.

A Review On: Pioneer Elite sc-57 sc57 9.1-Channel 3D Ready A/V Receiver

Pioneer Elite sc-57 sc57 9.1-Channel 3D Ready A/V Receiver

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Pros: Ample Power, Killer Android App

Cons: Cannot watch HDMI in seperate Zones (Matrix Switching), Lack of SubEQ

The cons listed might be cons that most A/V recievers have in this price range. However, the primary difference is lack of Sub EQ, something Audyssey (XT32) equipt receivers have in spades. In hindsignt I would have purchased the Denon 4311CI which has all of the features of the Pioneer with addition to Bass Management.


dude...if u have multiple sub's....i can see you wanting the audyssey..sub EQ.. if u dont need or use multi subs ..then ur ok with the pioneer.....and if u give it some time and effort you can get ur sub.or subs ..just right ur self....nice AV doh
Tried one as a replacement for my SC 07. Ended up with an Onkyo TX NR 3009. Love the sound of the Onkyo. It does run much hotter than the Pioneer though.