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Pioneer Elite VSX-60 7.2-Channel Network Ready AV Receiver

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Pros: A Lot of features plus Ipad App

Cons: Ipad App

This is my first review on AVS : ) I decided to review my purchase for two main reasons, 1, there are along with this review, only 1 or 2 more out there on the net that I could find for this exact amp, and 2, I’m a novice home theater lover, so my experience level and expertise can only go up from this point.
After looking for a new receiver for a few months (my old non HDMI Budget Best Buy Yamaha was not cutting it) I decided to shop for a receiver that had HDMI, could be networkable, was a decent power fit for my room, and most importantly would be one that I could figure out how to operate. I’ll follow the Star rating format to explain.

Design.- Looked pretty nice in the store and at home, typical big black box, two dials, and amber lights. I like the design, and would have given it 5 stars but the little plate that hides the usb input and mcacc port is the only non business looking piece of the design, a flip down door used on the higher end elites would have been a better look.

Features- There are many on this receiver, many more than I even understand at this point. I am combing the 108page manual right now for details on getting it up and running and I have my work cut out for me. Just to name a few that I like are, dual zones, dual subs outs, networkability, auto phase control, advanced mcacc... I purchased this amp over others near its price because of the IPAD Icontrolav2012 app and was very impressed with it during a demo, however getting it to work every time has been a challenge. I have a typical setup at home, DSL, connected to a wireless router, then using a wired port in my router to hard wire into the vsx-60. While my amp was assigned an IP and will play Pandora, the control APP frequently will say it cannot find my device.. A few Calls to Pioneers tech support have also exposed them to be just so so, always in a hurry. As of last night, and this morning the App is still connected and working, I have changed nothing since the initial setup (which is a bit scary- will the app always be flaky?? ) While it is currently working, the app is as expected, pretty cool, a D R E A M compared to having to use the remote, or even worse the front panel of the amp. Since I have spent most of my time fooling with getting the app running I have not run the advanced mcacc yet, or really tweaked anything at all, it’s pretty much right out of the box.

Performance- As stated above, my unit is still running all factory settings, but even still, my in wall Paradigm 250 v3's 2 ways sounded excellent. I tested everything from Chris Daughtry, Kenny Chesney, to VanHalen, and then calmed things down with the light Jazz via Pandora, and I will tell you, going from my old Yamaha to this is very different. At -10 my 22 by 40ft living room with a cathedral ceiling was nothing short of seeing these artists in a small club. I was immediately able to hear background vocals that I had NEVER heard before, or the wash coming off of Alex Van Halens Sabian crash ride. Yes, I will rate this as a top performer in my book. I am eager to dial it in.
Quality- The unit feels to be a quality unit. I mean it weighs 23lbs I think, and appears to have a decent power supply in it (the wire to plug it in was very heavy duty and does not just disappear into the receiver) the knobs up front have a good tight feel to them, however when you twist the volume you can almost feel the volume knob flex a little. I didn’t care for that and thought they could have matched the tight feel of the knob turn with a sturdier feeling axle. (I know I’m being picky but not all the other amps I tested felt that way)

Value- I thought the value of this amp was on the mark considering the features it offered, vs the price. Being an early adopter I paid top dollar, and with that, I still feel that I paid less than it would have cost me to get a more expensive Yamaha or Sony that had features that were not as important to me, and not as fun. I also paid more than say buying from Ebay or Amazon as the warranty is in question when ordering through places like that.

Overall- I love this receiver, I can’t say that I have any real complaints yet other than the darn app not functioning as expected. I will add that I have not ruled out issues with my home network as the culprit for the app not wanting to find my receiver so I’m not going to blame Pioneer ( yet ) I think it looks good , sounds as rich and full as it did in the demo as it does in my own home which was a nice surprise. Ill try to create a thread for this receiver, and hopefully put to rest any issues that may be hardware or network related with regards to the icontrol2012 app.
Thanks- Mick cool.gif

Update: So far the App has been functioning as expected. It Does Flake out here and there, but I run alot of wifi in my home that can and does at time cause alot of broadcast traffic. I have also run the MCACC, this has tuned the system in a way that I could not imagine. The sound is AMAZING. I watched Monsters VS. Aliens last night and was blown away. The DVD up upconverted and looked beautiful, and the audio was superb. biggrin.gif

Update 8/13/12 - Well I have owned the VSX-60 for a month now and am happy to report that I am very happy with my purchase. I dont find myself tweaking things as much as I have had to do in the past. For example, in the past, I used to have to tewak EQ settings for different movies and constantly adjust the volume, this is no longer the case. After running the MCACC and watching several movies ( monsters vs Aliens and Despicable Me are the current family favorites ) the audio is perfect. I tried to play with the EQ a few times thinking that I could further adjust the sound quality but always realize that I have just messed up a perfect EQ of the audio. The AV app is great. Its scary how horrible the factory remote is compaired to the AV app on my Ipad. Without the Ipad AV app I would not be able to use this receiver at all. Still very pleased with my VSX-60. wink.gif

Update 5/06/13
I have owned this receiver since last July and Love it. It was perfect for my budget and the MCACC did wonders for my living room theater, with 17ft ceilings, balcony, and kitchen tied into the room it’s a floor plan apparently designed by MC Escher. The MCACC really dialed it all in. But after all this time I have found a limitation of the VSX-60 that really ticks me off. I hooked up a pair of excellent outdoor speakers (Dayton Audio IO655BT 6-1/2" 2-Way 70V Indoor/Outdoor) went into the setup menu on the receiver, turned on the B Channel and was enjoying some tunes outside by the hot tub, however I wanted to adjust the treble and bass settings to really see what these speakers were made of. I stood right under the speakers and began changing the settings using my Ipad app and couldn’t discern changes to the tone. I tried using the basic treble, bass, balance.. Nothing seemed to change. So I go back inside go through everything, re read the manual, and after 3 days of racking my brain and telling myself, "I" must not know what I’m doing- I write pioneer support and receive this response.
Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.
Speaker B does not have any adjustments other than volume.
Customer Service Representative

So... this is my first limitation issue with this receiver. You cannot per Pioneer support make adjustments to the Speakers B channel.
Pioneer Elite VSX-60 7.2-Channel Network Ready AV Receiver

VSX-60 7.2-Channel Network Ready AV Receiver Featuring AirPlay®, iPod®, iPhone®, iPad® Certification, Advanced 1080p Video Processing and Multi-Zone Audio. The new VSX-60 receiver is the answer to a home theater enthusiast's prayers. Delivering remarkable performance in an elegant package, it's designed with advanced technology that performs exquisitely in the moment, while at the same time never taking its eyes off the future.

FeatureWiFi Ready with AirPlay® & PC Music Streaming FREE Advanced Remote Control App for Apple & Select AndroidTM Devices, "iControlAV2012" Multi-Zone AirPlay, Pandora®, SiriusXM®, DLNA® Streaming, and vTuner®
Item Height6.63 inches
Item Length17.13 inches
Item Width14.25 inches
Package Height9.72 inches
Package Length20.55 inches
Package Weight26.67 pounds
Package Width18.5 inches
ProductGroupReceiver or Amplifier
TitlePioneer Elite VSX-60 7.2-Channel Network Ready AV Receiver
UPCList - UPCListElement884938163583
Item Weight21.12 pounds
Size17.13W x 6.63H x 14.25D
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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