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Pioneer SC05 Elite 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver with THX Select2 Plus


Pros: A wide array of inputs and outputs, support for deep color video, MCACC audio room calabration, and a solid powerful amplifier section.

Cons: Its getting a bit long in the tooth at this point (that's why it gets only 4 stars).

The Pioneer Elite SC-05 is by far the best receiver I have owned. I started out with a Kenwood stereo receiver in the 1970s which I liked so much that I upgraded to two other kenwood models over the next two decades. I finally replaced the last kenwood with a Denon 3806 that I was happy with until the advent of HDMI digital video forced my hand. I bought the Pioneer SC-05 in 2010, two years after its debut. OMG. Although I enjoyed the other receivers I have owned, there is simply no comparison. The ability of this receiver to perform as the center of a dynamic home theater AND be the perfect companion for simply listening to my music collection is wonderful.

I, like many others, am not in love with the remote control for this receiver. After working with the remote through the set-up, I replaced it with a Harmony One that works perfectly with the receiver and my other devices. So, that's the end of my dislikes.

Despite the remote, setup for this receiver is relatively straight forward. Of course, the fewer devices you connect to it the less work it is to setup. Nevertheless, I found setup to be something I could easily work through in a afternoon (and that includes all the cabling and cursing at the lack of space in my cabinet).

I use the receiver in a 7.1 setup with Klipsch RF3s for left, right and center, and the matching surrounds. I have two little speakers from an old setup (Cambridge Soundworks) that are in the rear. An infinity 12" subwoofer on the left front and a B&W subwoofer on the right complete the speaker setup. I have an Panasonic SACD/DVD-Audio player, a Toshiba upconverting DVD player, a Panasonic Blu-ray player (which I love), an HTPC (which I build with this forum's gratefully accepted aid), and a DirecTV Genie satellite receiver connected to the receiver which outputs to a Panasonic ST60 plasma. The whole setup is networked to the internet and a server which contains digital music and video through the HTPC (I could get it through the receiver, but, face it, the interface for receivers is clunky compared to what can be provided through the HTPC).

This receiver brings the RF3s alive. With the 3806 they were a bit bright. With the Kenwood, they lacked punch. Not any more. The amplifier section in this receiver is solid and powerful. you never find yourself wishing for more, its just there. If you like audio processing there is a wide range of choices. If you don't, you won't need it.
Pioneer SC05 Elite 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver with THX Select2 Plus

Multichannel Simultaneous Power Output Total 630W (1kHz, 1% THD @ 8Ω) 130W x 7 Direct Energy HD Amplification (20Hz - 20kHz, 0.09% THD @ 8Ω, FTC) Direct Energy HD Amplifier ICEPower Class-D Amplifier module 3-D Space Frame Construction AIR STUDIOS Monitor THX Select2 Plus Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS-HD Master Audio / High-resolution Audio New Freescale Dual Core DSP and Freescale DSP Engines Full Band Phase Control Advanced MCACC with 9 Band EQ Symmetric EQ HDMI Jitter Reduction High Precision PLL Circuit Standing Wave Control 192 kHz/24 bit DACs DSD Direct PQLS with HDMI HDMI 3 In / 1 Output Deep Color / 30-bit / 36-bit 4:4:4 color depth / X.V. Color Support Full Digital Video Converter for HDMI Lip Sync Video Scaler - 1080p / 60Hz - Faroudja DCDi Component Video - 3 In / 1 Out (Main & Sub Room) S-Video 7 I

Feature130W X 7 Direct Energy HD Amplification Freescale Dual Core DSP And Freescale DSP Engines ICEPower Class-D Amplifier Module 3-D Space Frame Construction
Package Height13 inches
Package Length21.5 inches
Package Weight47.6 pounds
Package Width21 inches
TitlePioneer SC05 Elite 7.1-Channel A/V Receiver with THX Select2 Plus
UPCList - UPCListElement012562891521
Item Weight8 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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