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Pioneer VSX-1020-K 7.1 Home Theater Receiver

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Pros: Plenty of inputs, Excellent upscaling and deinterlacing of sub-1080p signals.

Cons: Headphone jack has issues, limited output power.

The Pioneer VSX-1020-K receiver is a nice 7.1 home theater centerpiece for a budget conscious shopper. It's many inputs, including 6 HDMI 1.4 ports, provide plenty of connectivity. It will handle all your components, and provide some nice video quality boost in the process.

I have attached multiple devices to my 1020, including a Pioneer BDP-320 blu-ray player, a Toshiba HD-A30 HD DVD player, a Cisco RG-200 cable box (Comcast) and a home theater PC. The 1020 allows you to individually control video and audio settings for each input. For instance, I always allow my BDP-320 to do the upscaling of DVD, but the 1020 handles the upscaling and deinterlacing of the cable box (which supplies either 720p or 1080i source) to 1080p. The resulting image from the cable box is greatly improved over what I got from letting the TV (VIZIO 47" LCD) handle the duties. Audio wise, the 1020 handles either PCM or bitstreamed (DTS-MA or Dolby TruHD and lesser lossless codecs) without any issues. The Pioneer exclusive PQLS jitter reduction works in concert with the BDP-320 to produce a subtle but noticeable improvement in CD audio playback.

The one issue I have had with the receiver is it has on occasion defaulted to believing there was a pair of headphones plugged into the jack, thereby turning off speaker output. This is corrected by a inserting a plastic straw or other non-conductive instrument into the jack and pushing lightly at the contacts. This happened three times but has not reoccurred in the last 6 months or more.

The MCACC audio calibration is done with the included microphone and seems to do a decent job balancing your audio. Correct microphone placement and elimination of environmental disturbances (barking dogs!!) if vital for success.

The remote is large with rather small buttons, but I don't use it much preferring to use another universal that is programmed with the vital commands.

This was my first major receiver purchase, but I would be happy to invest in Pioneer equipment in the future.


Pros: packed with features, multi-zone, iPhone/pod support (cable incl)

Cons: one slight issue with the headphone jack thinking headphones are plugged in :-)

Purchased this to replace a similar Pioneer of lesser features in the $300 range. Very happy with this guy. Use with PS3, Sony 46in LCD HDTV, Sony DVD multi player, ethernet directly to unit, sirius radio, 2 zones, iPhone constantly playing, charter cable. Just need one more HDMI input and it would be perfect.

Great value for the features.
Pioneer VSX-1020-K 7.1 Home Theater Receiver

Key Features are 110 Watts X 7, 7 Channel Configurable Amplifier, Surround Back. Dolby Pro-logic IIz or B Speaker, Dolby True-HD / DTS-HD Master Audio and Advanced MCACC. It has a 9 Band EQ. Auto Crossover Setting, USB to PC Graphs, PQLS – 2 Channel, Auto Level Control – Multi-Channel, Sound Retriever AIR – Multi- channel. It has a Internet radio. iPod Digital USB / USB Memory Audio. Its iPhone Certified, Sirius Satellite Radio, HDMI Repeater (6 In / 1 out), Analog to HDMI Video Conversion, HDMI to HDMI 1080p Scaler, Component Video (2 in / 1 out), Full Color GUI, iControl pioneer AVR iPhone / iTouch “APP” Multi-Zone A/V Pre-out, Preset Remote Control

FeatureFront USB connectivity provide iPod, touch, and iPhone users ultimate plug-and-play integration of their Apple products with their home theater Simple connectivity to high-performance HD video, HD audio, portable, internet, wireless, and analog components The latest version of HDMI inputs and outputs provide more HD connectivity options with "future-proof" 3-D capability 1080p video conversion and upscaling ensures the highest quality video from any source
Item Height6.23 inches
Item Length14.93 inches
Item Width16.55 inches
Package Height9.5 inches
Package Length20 inches
Package Weight25.6 pounds
Package Width19.1 inches
TitlePioneer VSX-1020-K 7.1 Home Theater Receiver
UPCList - UPCListElement884938109222 068888983006 837654710609
Item Weight24.1 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementVSX-1020-K
Warranty1 year parts and 1 year labor
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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