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Pioneer VSX-1122-K


Pros: decodes all the latest formats, configure unit from web browser, ipod cable included, upscaler actually works with nintendo wii

Cons: no video overlay for volume and inputs, hdmi audio cuts out all the time, no mhl or instapreview, aluminum finish gets etched from fingerprints

This receiver features 6+1 hdmi inputs, many popular streaming services, hdmi upconversion, hdmi arc, 3D passthrough, hdmi standby passthrough, mp3/ipod connectivity, Androyd/Apple apps, MCACC speaker calibration, Ipod/phone/pad dock cable, Airplay, web configuration of avr, setup screen in 1080p, and is up to 7.2 channels. The features I find the most useful are:
  1. Airplay plays all your music wirelessly from Idevices/itunes and can even control the volume. Even shows the cover art.
  2. The ipod dock connector is very nice compared to dock connector that came with my ipod. It has video out and actually has a retention mechanism.
  3. MCACC speaker calibration via the web interface was very cool. It shows you a graph of how your setup is performing.

When I still had this avr it was setup as followed: htpc>hdmi>vsx 1122-K>hdmi>projector. Setup was very easy. Install the included cd on your windows computer then it detects your receiver and walks you through the setup in a web browser. It even tells you where to plug everything in.(not that I needed help with that) On the last stage of setup it does the MCACC speaker calibration. You can actually save the calibration results for later use on your pc.

The user interface (web and osd) are designed so anyone can use them. I do appreciate some of the advanced features found in both.

I had this receiver for about 3 weeks and it started having periodic audio drop outs on all of the rear hdmi ports. Overall if you use apple products and don't mind the lack of mhl, osd for inputs and volume, and don't get one with poorly soldered hdmi ports this could be a good unit for you.


Pros: Easy setup, web controls, ARC control, internet radio, lots of customizations

Cons: Mobile control software finicky, occasional HDCP handshake issues, noticable lag via PC/HDMI (mouse)

Bought on boxing day after I purchased a new 80' sharp LCD. I had been out of the receiver game so long I had no idea what ARC was....but boy do I love it now. Turn on my TV and my receiver automatically comes on. Audio is crystal clear. Setup with the remote mic was good although I had to boost my rear inputs a little due to their placement. The software control app for android is ok but is finicky... I rarely use the internet radio but it has worked well when I did, but the interface could be designed better.

Movies shake the house with this box. This was also the first time having banana plugs. I will never go back for that. Be careful with your sub. The output test does not give you a true idea of the loudness, be sure to throw in a movie and be ready to adjust upon explosion.

Stays pretty cool too compared to my old pioneer. I have not tried the multi-room so I cannot speak to that feature. Remote is ok, I don't have to use it much.

Overall, great sound, ARC rules! biggrin.gif


Pros: Features Ipad app

Cons: Occasional loss of video

This replaces my 5 yr old Sony- while not the top of the line the multi HDMIs inputs was welcomed.
The setup was easy and the cross channel stereo quality very high. The remote is average. Not back lit.
Documentation was complete but using adobe search is a necessity. Warranty average.Bluetooth module (extra cost) nice although range limited.Airplay very good. Pandora and Netflix nice. The Ipad app is the best in the industry and a true delight.Overall very satisfied.
Pioneer VSX-1122-K

Home Theater fine-tuned for performance. The Pioneer 7.2-Channel VSX-1122-K AV Receiver The Pioneer VSX-1122-K receiver is the answer to a home theater enthusiast's prayers. Delivering remarkable performance in an elegant package, it's designed with advanced technology that performs exquisitely in the moment, while at the same time never taking its eyes off the future.  Made for you. And your iPad, iPhone and iPod Thanks to Made for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad certification, Apple devices are easily connected with the included USB/video cable - so there's no need to buy a separate dock to store all your music, videos, streaming content. Plus, since your iPhone, iPod and now your iPad charge automatically when connected, it's the ultimate plug-and-play integration with your home theater. You can enjoy music with iTunes album art, share videos and movies, downloaded TV shows from iTunes, photos, web content from YouTube and much more. Got a call? The iPhone will mute movies and music so you can take it. Use the iPhone directly, or push a single button on the VSX-1122-K's front panel to switch control to the included preset remote and an intuitive, full-color GUI. And new for 2012, the USB port has been upgraded to handle uncompressed 192Khz/24-bit FLAC music files from your PC or memory storage device for true audiophile level performance. AirPlay With AirPlay, stream music from iTunes to the VSX-1122-K and play it through your home theater system without docks or cables. Simply connect the receiver to your home network via Ethernet, and it instantly becomes the hub for playback of your iTunes music from your connected Apple device or networked computer. You can stream your music straight from your PC or Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the VSX-1122-K at the touch of a button. Listen to your favorite song in your car using your iPhone, leave your car mid song and walk into your home. Using the AirPlay App on your iPhone, select the VSX-1...

FeatureNetwork- Ready With AirPlay, Pandora, VTuner And SiriusXM Made For IPod/iPhone/iPad Certified - Cable Included Zone 2 Audio Output Advanced Qdeo Video Processing
Item Height6.63 inches
Item Length14.29 inches
Item Width17.13 inches
Package Height9.72 inches
Package Length20.55 inches
Package Weight26.67 pounds
Package Width18.5 inches
TitlePioneer VSX-1122-K 630W 7-Channel A/V Receiver, Network Ready, Pandora, iPod/iPhone, Black
UPCList - UPCListElement884938163477
Item Weight26.68 pounds
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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