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My first avr with hdmi not impressed

A Review On: Pioneer VSX-1122-K

Pioneer VSX-1122-K

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Pros: decodes all the latest formats, configure unit from web browser, ipod cable included, upscaler actually works with nintendo wii

Cons: no video overlay for volume and inputs, hdmi audio cuts out all the time, no mhl or instapreview, aluminum finish gets etched from fingerprints

This receiver features 6+1 hdmi inputs, many popular streaming services, hdmi upconversion, hdmi arc, 3D passthrough, hdmi standby passthrough, mp3/ipod connectivity, Androyd/Apple apps, MCACC speaker calibration, Ipod/phone/pad dock cable, Airplay, web configuration of avr, setup screen in 1080p, and is up to 7.2 channels. The features I find the most useful are:
  1. Airplay plays all your music wirelessly from Idevices/itunes and can even control the volume. Even shows the cover art.
  2. The ipod dock connector is very nice compared to dock connector that came with my ipod. It has video out and actually has a retention mechanism.
  3. MCACC speaker calibration via the web interface was very cool. It shows you a graph of how your setup is performing.

When I still had this avr it was setup as followed: htpc>hdmi>vsx 1122-K>hdmi>projector. Setup was very easy. Install the included cd on your windows computer then it detects your receiver and walks you through the setup in a web browser. It even tells you where to plug everything in.(not that I needed help with that) On the last stage of setup it does the MCACC speaker calibration. You can actually save the calibration results for later use on your pc.

The user interface (web and osd) are designed so anyone can use them. I do appreciate some of the advanced features found in both.

I had this receiver for about 3 weeks and it started having periodic audio drop outs on all of the rear hdmi ports. Overall if you use apple products and don't mind the lack of mhl, osd for inputs and volume, and don't get one with poorly soldered hdmi ports this could be a good unit for you.


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AVS › Reviews › Receivers & Amplifiers › Component Receivers › Pioneer VSX-1122-K › Reviews › ikkuranus's Review