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PlayStation 3 160GB System Reviews


Excellent Gaming and Multimedia


Pros: Great graphics, flexible multimedia capabilities, audio down-sampling, exclusives, blu-ray playback

Cons: Power-hungry, difficult to develop for, no remote

The Playstation 3 is, in my opinion, the best console of the last generation. I use mine primarily for streaming video and gaming, and it's generally very easy to use. Video quality is very good, and the ability for it to downsample audio for older receivers is a huge plus in my book. Until recently, I was using an older receiver and this allowed me to experience the increased audio quality of Blu-Ray even though my receiver couldn't decode the uncompressed audio.   Tech Specs: The PS3 is definitely the most powerful system of the last generation, eclipsing the Wii (what DOESN'T eclipse the Wii in terms of power) and handily beating out the XBox 360. Unfortunately, the cell...
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Great overall value


Pros: Plays a variety of media, great blu-ray, free demo's

Cons: Replaced by PS4, not the best graphics compared to others, no auto shut-off

As only a casual gamer, I enjoy the blu-ray and demo features of the PS3. We also use the Netflix streaming feature, which is nice as we have not been forced to upgrade to a new TV with this already built in. Most of the games I play are the free demo's and the large hard drive can store plenty of them. There is also a large selection of used games available which is a cost-effective way to go if you don't need to have the latest and greatest. The PS3 is easy to setup and use even for the most novice users. The controllers are well designed with naturally placed buttons and most games allow for customization of controls. I purchased mine in 2009 and have not had any issues with...
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Fantastic Overall Player with limited remote options


Pros: Frequent updates, zero computability issues, many multimedia and gaming options

Cons: No infrared!!! Sometimes too many options, can be confusing for non-tech savy

When I first got the PS3 I initially planned on using it mostly for playing games. Over the years, my use of the PS3 has evolved and changed, as has almost every device in my setup. My TV, receiver, Tivo, speakers, and media player have all changed. One of the only devices in my setup that hasn't is the PS3, excepting the move from the fat to slim model. Over the years it has been used primarily as a gaming console, then a blu-ray player, then a media player, then a Netflix player. As my needs have evolved, the PS3 has been able to keep up. Most of the devices in my setup have changed as my viewing patterns have changed, but the PS3 remains. Most recently, I got a Panasonic...
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Closet Geek

One of the best A/V purchases I've made


Pros: Excellent high def rendering of blu ray content, biggest bang for the buck long after purchase, multi purpose unit with gaming and music, wifi

Cons: Remote control needs to be purchased separately, slow to load blu ray's, requires updates frequently

At a time when quality of life was drastically diminished due to economic strife, I considered the PS3 160GB as an alternative means to provide family entertainment. For $300, it was a vehicle that enhanced our home theater experience via high def video play, high end gaming experience as well as the ability to play music and provide a quick though somewhat clunky internet access. There was also the aspect of streaming video that I figured built in a little future proofing should I decide to go that route. Upon purchase and install, the unit has been all that was expected and then some. It's sleek black design made for a nice compliment to my existing home theater gear and HDMI was...
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Good Blue ray player good upscaling DVD player and game box also


Pros: Good picture ,good scalier and video processing good Netflix ,Ytube and Hulu streamer + dnla BD and upscaling DVD

Cons: slow to load non switchable controler batteries no querty keyboard b sure to keep your controller charged

Good wifi blue ray,upscaling DVD player excellent picture 128bit 1080p resolution excellent picture quality ,Bravia sync for other Sony devices good wifi performance Free PlayStation Network membership, built in Netflix,Hulu plus ,You Tube and more . Bluetooth controller, PlayStation store app dnla compliant 160gb HDD works good as a DVD BD player , media center and game box lot of versatility in one box . lack of querty keyboard option makes typing and text entry awkward and slow . other than that it's a decent Media box
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