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Fantastic Overall Player with limited remote options

A Review On: PlayStation 3 160GB System

PlayStation 3 160GB System

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Pros: Frequent updates, zero computability issues, many multimedia and gaming options

Cons: No infrared!!! Sometimes too many options, can be confusing for non-tech savy

When I first got the PS3 I initially planned on using it mostly for playing games. Over the years, my use of the PS3 has evolved and changed, as has almost every device in my setup. My TV, receiver, Tivo, speakers, and media player have all changed. One of the only devices in my setup that hasn't is the PS3, excepting the move from the fat to slim model. Over the years it has been used primarily as a gaming console, then a blu-ray player, then a media player, then a Netflix player. As my needs have evolved, the PS3 has been able to keep up. Most of the devices in my setup have changed as my viewing patterns have changed, but the PS3 remains.

Most recently, I got a Panasonic TC-P60ST60, which is 3D capable. But I didn't have to upgrade my blu-ray player to a 3D compatible model, the PS3 was updated for it long before I was. Add to that being able to 3D game, and the PS3 has re-solidified it's place in my setup. I no longer use it for Netflix, I got an Apple TV I like better for that. I no longer use it as a media player, I got a Patriot Box Office I like better for that. But it remains my only blu-ray player, and gaming console. And it does both of those fabulously.

My main complaint is the lack of IR compatibility. I have been using Logitech Harmony remotes for years, and am still annoyed I had to buy the Logitech adapter to use my remote with the PS3. This has got to be the biggest oversight Sony had with the PS3. I don't want to have a separate remote JUST for the PS3 when every other device I have works with my Logitech. My other con is that the multitude of functions the PS3 can perform can get overwhelming for a non-tech savy user. I have auto-play disabled since I don't want the disk to start when I insert it, so I wouldn't dream of asking my mom to start a movie on my PS3, where she easily can on her dedicated blu-ray player.

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The PS3 is also my favorite way to view digital photos and home videos (Sony's de-interlacing is SUPERB even in freeze-frame mode. My new PS4 is great but fairly narrow focus compared to the PS3. They now sit side by side and get used equally albeit for different purposes.
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