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PlayStation 4 Console

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Game Consoles


Pros: Powerful hardware, beautiful UI, wonderfully improved controller, size, price

Cons: Media capabilities

The Playstation 4...from its sharp, modern design to its smooth, gorgeous UI, the PS4 is pure joy from start to finish.


The first thing I noticed about the PS4 compared to other consoles is it's size. It's tiny...but in a good way, not in a "a medium-sized gust of wind would break this in a second" way. In all seriousness, I'm amazed at how Sony was able to pack so much gaming power in such a small package. It looks sharp sitting on my components shelf, more like a piece of modern art than a gaming console. Definitely a fan of the design. Additionally, you can position the unit vertically if you have limited space or just like the look of it. The PS4's dimensions are approximately 10.8" x 12" x 2", so you may want to measure before you decide whether you will want/need the vertical stand or not.


The PS4 couldn't be any easier to set up. Plug in the power cord, an HDMI cable, and ethernet if you want a wired internet connection (Wi-Fi connection is also an option), and you're ready to go. Upon startup you're immediately greeted by a visually and audibly pleasing UI; very clean with soothing music in the background. I'm pretty sure I just sat there and let it soak in for a few minutes, as the LG 50PA6500 plasma TV and 5.1 surround sound system I was using with the PS4 made its beauty shine through.


As I moved around the home screen the first thing I noticed was that the Playstation Store is now incorporated into the UI. It is no longer an application to be launched. What a great move! It makes navigating the store much more pleasurable and intuitive.


The PS4 requires you to install games to the HD, at least partially. At first this seemed like a bother, but after loading a few games (Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and NBA 2k14) I was incredibly pleased at how quickly the games booted to full quality. Taking a few minutes at first boot to get it installed is well worth it in my opinion.


The biggest factor that drew me to purchasing the PS4, however, was the advantage it has over all other consoles in terms of graphics. The PS4 has 8GB GDDR5 RAM, whereas the Xbox One has 8GB DDR3 RAM. The PS4 takes the edge in this capacity, although you may hear differently depending on who you talk to...but this is a technical fact. The PS4 can easily handle 1080p resolution at 60fps and look glorious in every way. Walking around in Killzone: Shadow Fall is delay-free and absolutely stunning.


The Dualshock 4 controller is also vastly improved over the DS3 with the addition of a touchpad in the middle of the controller and a built-in speaker. Both of these are used for various things depending on the game being played. Killzone: Shadow Fall uses the touchpad to control your drone-like machine and the speaker is used when activating certain in-game audio events. Additionally, the DS4 has a headphone jack built into the body, so working with teammates online is a breeze. These features add to the immersion into the game, a real homerun for Sony.


Another great addition for the PS4 is the ability to stream your gameplay for sites such as Twitch.tv by use of the "Share" button that has taken the place of the "Select" button of old. This is a very neat feature and allows you to connect with the PS4 community in a whole new way.


A seemingly small feature perhaps was the most impressive to me, and that is the ability to quickly switch between applications/games. If I am watching a show on Netflix and suddenly get the urge to play a game, I hit the PS button in the middle of the controller and I'm instantly taken to the UI home page, where then I can select the game I wish to play and can start it almost instantly. This makes is much easier to use all the features of the PS4, adding much to the appeal of the console.


Despite the overwhelming positives of the PS4, there is at least one glaring negative: media integration. I was disappointed in the lack of DLNA support, and the Xbox One seems to have the edge if you're looking for a "complete entertainment console". To some, this is enough for them to choose an Xbox One; for others such as myself, it is unfortunate but the raw power advantage swayed me toward the PS4. As expected, the PS4 can play Blu-Ray discs, as well as DVDs, and has applications for Netflix and Amazon Instant, as well as various other media streaming services. Content streaming works flawlessly and Blu-Ray playback is as perfect as I have seen, although I expected nothing less from Sony on this front.


A feature that I have not had the pleasure of exploring yet, but one that I have heard rave reviews about, is the ability to "remote play" with a Playstation Vita. According to friends that have used it, the function operates remarkably well with no perceptible lag. They describe it as feeling as if they are playing the game directly on the Vita. Hopefully soon I will join them in Vita ownership and be able to try this out for myself!


Overall, the Playstation 4 seems to have more of an emphasis on gaming, with media options taking the backseat. To contrast, the Xbox One appears to be geared more as a "total media" hub with the ability to play games, watch TV, listen to music, etc.music etc. If you are looking for a console with the capability to throw you headfirst into a completely immersive gaming experience, look no further than the Playstation 4.


Overall rating: 4.5 stars
Features: 4 stars
Value: 5 stars
Design: 5 stars
Video Quality: 5 stars
Remote (Controller): 4.5 stars
Audio Quality: 5 stars

What comes in the box:

PlayStation 4 System
Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller
HDMI Cable
Power Cable
USB Charging Cable


Pros: Fantastic blu-ray playback similar to Oppo BDP103 have both units side by side testing

Cons: Game library very limited; no media remote available yet for streaming video services and Blu-ray Playback, 3D Blu-ray playback not supported yet

I have done extensive Blu-ray testing with the Oppo BDP-103 vs PlayStation 4 comparing video on a Panasonic TC-P60VT60.. I think the PlayStation 4 at $399.99 really make the Oppo BDP-103 a hard sell at $499.9 with how fast Blu-ray load times are on the PlayStation 4. I have compared video quality comparing Vudu playback on both units and they are very similar if not quite close.. The Oppo offers by far a little better scaling on the Vudu movies but the PlayStation 4 performs so closely in both Blu-ray playback and streaming services like Vudu, Netflix. I would have a hard time recommending anything more expensive for a Videophile than the PlayStation 4. The movie comparisons were Vudu: The Fifth Element; Blu-ray The Fifth Element, Vudu: Elysium and Blu-ray Elysium, Vudu: Ender's Game and Ender's Game on Blu-ray.. I have concluded that the main advantages of the Oppo are solely the dedicated remote. The PlayStation 4 controller is a little less media friendly. I own 3 PlayStation 4 units used for Blu-ray playback, Vudu, and Netflix.. These units are really solid and quiet for the task.

Also own one Xbox One and the Blu-ray, DVD, CD playback are acceptable but not perfect; Vudu and Netflix are about as responsive as a Roku box


Pros: Nice Clean Look, Fast processor, Blu Ray functionality, Smart Features

Cons: HDMI only; Can't play 3D movies; Lack of games

I am not what you call a hard core gamer. In fact, the last gaming console I had was the Playstation 2.

When I heard about the Playstation 4 coming out, I was very interested to get back into gaming. However, I soon found out while researching the unit that it only had hdmi setup so this forced me to update my AV (Audio Video) equipment.

So, for folks who were expecting to hook up their Playstation 4 with a non hdmi enabled TV, you would be in for a rude awakening.. You are out of luck. You will need to upgrade. This I found to be the only major negative for the unit.

If you have an hdmi enabled TV then you are good to go so to speak.

In terms of value, I would say it is better then the competition for the initial purchase. While it is a hundred dollars cheaper then the Xbox one, users will soon realize that the difference is really to account for the camera difference only between the units. Essentially, the Xbox one includes the camera (kinect) whereas the Playstation 4 doesn't include it's own camera (PS eye). If you were to factor in the PS eye, then the price would be the same. However, I would like to point out that with the technical specs of the Playstation 4 when compared to the Xbox one, the overall value gain is still with the Playstation 4. The Playstation 4 has a faster 8GB DDR5 memory when compared with the Xbox One which has 8GB of DDR3 RAM. Also, I must add that you can upgrade the 500GB Hard Drive (HDD) on the Playstation 4.

An added feature that is really nice is that with the Playstation 4, you can download updates and upload video's while playing games or while the system is in sleep mode. So, the unit is very powerful when compared to the Playstation 3 for example. I must also add that it can support 4K photo's and video's but at present can only play 1080p games.

The Playstation 4 console can be positioned either in the flat (horizontal) position or you can put it on a stand (optional device you have to purchase extra) to keep it in a vertical position. I kept mine in the flat (horizontal) position. In terms of it's look, the overall design of the Playstation 4 is very nice and clean. Dimensions are 10.8in x 12in x 2in so if you were to keep it on a stand, please note the size. The vents and majority of the connections are in the back for ease of functionality as well as look. While, there are two usb ports available in the front for charging the controllers, I would still give the overall look of the Playstation 4 as one of the key advantages over it's rivals. It is very futuristic with it's split gloss and matte design. The Xbox one for example, looks like a giant VCR with vents around the back and sides of the unit.

Setup was very easy. Since I purchased new equipment (new AVR (Audio Video Receiver) and a new TV), it was very simple for me. The Playstation 4 came with an hdmi cable and I hooked it up to the AVR and from there I sent an additional HDMI cable to the TV. Plug in the supplied power unit and you are all set.

I had a Cat6 cable for internet from my router to the Playstation 4 hooked up. But for those who don't have a cable available, you can setup the Wi-Fi on the unit to get your internet connection.

I did find it somewhat hard to turn the unit on. I must admit this. I wasn't expecting to find the power on button near the front and all you had to do was swipe it with your finger. It took me some time to get used to it.

In terms of energy use and noise, the unit is very quiet. Also, I didn't get any heat as some folks reported. Mine was very cool and it still is during playing sessions. When not in use, the unit will go to standby mode to save energy consumption and will turn off after a few hours of no use. You can set it up to turn off completely as well from the menu options.

The registration process came up very quickly and the only hard thing was waiting for all the updates to get done. It took over an hour for my system to download everything. But, after that, you were ready to play games or go to any of the smart apps or go to the "Live from Playstation" option from the main dashboard. I believe the reason for the hour long update for my playstation 4 console was due to the fact that I bought the unit during the Christmas shopping rush and with all the units barely in stock, folks who were "lucky" enough to get one flooded the Sony servers. Yesterday, I got a notification on the Playstation that there was an update and once I clicked ok, it was downloaded in 2 minutes. So, very fast. As you can see, the download time for updates now are much improved as the "rush" to get the units before Christmas has now passed.

In terms of features, you can get to everything from the dashboard. I thought the dashboard was nicely setup. When you insert a game into the tray, the game is the first option available in the dashboard. As you scroll away from that, you can select the other extras such as the smart apps, Playstation live, etc.

The smart features that are available on the Playstation 4 are netflix, crackle and amazon and all worked perfectly. No issues connecting to those apps or playing anything from those apps. For me personally, it is nice to have if your TV is not smart enabled or doesn't have those apps built in.

There is a "Live from Playstation" option available for those interested. If folks bought the Playstation 4 Eye (the camera) they can film themselves playing. While this is an interesting feature, I wasn't much interested in watching others play.. I guess if you have time and were interested in a certain game and how folks played it, this option maybe of value for you. The quality of the video and the audio were superb thou. I just didn't use it.

You can also share the last few min of a game you are playing so to speak and post it online. While this is a nice option to show to others, I haven't played with it but from looking at the video's that other folks have posted online, it is overall well done.

You also have the option for remote play. You can transfer your gaming experience from the TV to Playstation Vita system via WiFi. I haven't played with this feature since I don't have a Vita System but the option is available for those who do have a Vita system and want to free their TV from the Playstation 4.

The console does come with one dual shock controller and one cord to charge that controller. Since I have multiple people who will be playing the games on the Playstation 4, I went ahead and got another extra dual shock controller but to my amazement, the new controller didn't come with a cord for charging. To resolve this issue, I ended up buying a charging station that would hold both controllers. While this isn't necessary, it did keep the controllers in one place and out of the way as well as helping to charge when not in use at the same time.

The controllers are very nice actually. They fit very comfortably in your hands. Folks complained about the light sensor but to be honest, I don't see the issue. I don't see the reflection of the light on the tv or anyplace so it doesn't bother me. An added bonus is that the controllers are wireless. When I had the Playstation 2, I remember I had to be close to the unit since it wasn't wireless. But for this Playstation 4 console, I have the controllers on the other side of the room and it works perfectly. In fact, the console is behind me and the controller has no issues. In terms of battery consumption for the wireless controllers, I never had a need to recharge while playing. Since I have a separate docking station for recharging the controllers, when I don't play, it is charged all the time.

I purchased one game so far - Lego Superhero's and it is great on the unit. The CPU power of the console shows the fast action of the game. The graphics are also very impressive. I must also state that for most TV's the game mode option would allow the lag to be very minimal to near nonexistent. I have a Samsung F8000 LED and I don't notice any lag if any when I press/move the buttons on the controller with the action on the screen. The game loaded very fast and I must say, they really did a great job with the game overall. Highly recommended for folks who have kids!

I haven't purchased any games online via the playstation store online via the console so I can't comment on that aspect but from looking around it seems very simple and easy for anybody to get the games online.

Speaking of games, the number of available games is kind of small for the PS4. You would think for a new system, they would have a lot more then what is available. While this is a negative for the time being, I suspect as the year progresses and in the near future, more games will be added to the lineup. So, a momentary negative!

In regards to the other features such as the blu ray player, I have played regular DVD and blu ray movies and the unit worked perfectly. Only negative is that it doesn't play 3D movies. Maybe in the future it will but for those who want to play 3D movies, you will have to have a separate 3D enabled dvd/blu ray player. This is not an issue for me since I have another unit that handles 3D but for those who thought you could just get the Playstation 4 instead for playing 3D as well, you will soon realize that you need to get another 3D enabled player. A negative for sure but not a big negative. An interesting fact in regards to the lack of 3D DVD/Blu ray support is that even thou the Playstation 4 console doesn't support 3D DVD/Blu ray, it does support 3D games!

Video and Audio quality were superb for the Playstation 4. Regardless of whether you were playing a game or watching a streaming video on any of the smart apps or when watching a blu ray movie from inserting a blu ray dvd, the colors and sounds were fantastic. Action scenes were great. No judder or any issues were noted. Everything was clear and crisp. In fact, since I hooked up my playstation 4 console to my AVR, I was getting full action from both my subs as well as my 7 speakers. Literally, the room came alive once action sequences started to take place. I highly recommended to hook up the playstation 4 console to your AVR unit to take full advantage of the audio.

Overall, I have no regrets buying the Playstation 4. It is definitely a major upgrade from my old Playstation 2 and when you play the latest games, you do see the difference! smile.gif

Highly recommended!

overall rating: 4 1/2 stars
Features: 5 stars
Value: 4 stars
Design: 5 stars
Video Quality: 5 stars
Remote (Controller): 5 stars
Audio Quality: 5 stars

What to expect in the box:

PlayStation 4 System
Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller
HDMI Cable
Power Cable
USB Charging Cable


Pros: Small, Quiet, fast and it works

Cons: Media capabilities are lacking, the light on the controller is silly

1)Features —When it comes to features the PS4 is not on the same level as the PS3, 360 or the One but I want to start by saying it does not take away from the system in my humble opinion.  Sony has done nothing but say they designed a gaming machine and that is how I feel about it.  The basic streaming services are there plus some I never heard of such as Crackle for anime...pretty cool (seeing it while not installed not really though).  It lacks the ability to stream from DLNA servers or play music from optical media or USB.  Outside of media features not sure what else there really is to say, the PS4 allows you to route all sound through the controllers stereo jack which is nice for simple headphones when you need to be quiet, no need for that expensive headset.


While not necessarily a feature of the system I think its worth a mention is PS+.  For 50 a year or 5 a month (and it can normally be found cheaper) it is one of the best values I have ever found.  At least one free game per month for not only the PS4 but the Vita and PS3 as well.  There are discounts and other exclusive content as well and now that its mandatory to play games online like live I feel its important to point out its plus side (no pun intended I swear).


2) Setup—Could not have been easier is an understatement for me.  I went from my PS3 to the PS4 so I litterally just unplugged the cables from my ps3 and put them in the ps4.  That was it 2min and I was watching beautiful PS4 startup.  The initial setup took no time at all for me, which of course is slightly skewed since I had a PSN account.  If you don't expect a few minutes to get the ball rolling but you should be up and ready to game within 10min.  


3) User Interface—The controller is the best designed controller from Sony yet.....but they did have one major lapse in judgement.  There is a huge led light on the back of the controller facing your screen.  It reflects on the bezel of tv's and also on dark scenes.  It doesn't bother me much during a gaming session but it gets annoying during movies.  That being said the analog sticks could in my opinion use better placement such as those on the xbox controller but the tactile feedback on the buttons is much better that the DS3 and the triggers are much tighter and better for racing games.  The touch pad is weird and I rarely use it unless forced too.  


The UI of the OS is simplistic in design and I like it.  Its a single row of tiles that expand for more depth.  Each game gets its own tile and some major applications like game room.  Streaming services are all bundled under one tile, A terrible choice on this is that about 6 or so of their "partner" apps are shown even when not installed.  This is really annoying if say you have IGN and Netflix installed and the IGN app appears as the last app of the 12 even though you only have those two installed.  There is also a row above the tiles meant for more system config and notification type things as well as getting to the store.  The UI will need the eventual ability to Group games under one tile as having 15-20 games installed will get cumbersome. 


The store is the other UI point I want to bring up and its pretty bad at this stage.  It runs much nicer than the PS3 one but its much harder to navigate and find things.  I really hope they work on this.  


4) Performance—Game installs on the PS4 are extremely quick.  I was about to play Killzone after about 5-10min which included the 500+mb patch whereas Ryse took about 15-20 before I could play.  I found loading times in games to extremely fast compared to most previous gen games and much faster than Ryse and Dead Rising 3.  I had Assassins Creed IV as well but since I don't have it on Xbox one I felt it was unfair to bring it up.  


Overall the graphics definitely feel a step above the previous generation but I think we are in for a lot more as the generation matures.  Currently even though killzone technically pumps out the best textures and resolution, Ryse is the best looking game so far on the new generation due to art design.  But I look forward to games like Infamous and the order by some of Sony's premier first party publishers most noticeably Naughty Dog and Santa Monica. 


I am no audiophile but audio quality from Blu-ray and Games is to notch to me.  I had a little bit of desynch with movies but nothing crazy and could barely notice and it was not all the time.  The only issue I had with sound was that netflix and amazon did not seem to work in 5.1 even titles that said they had it, not sure if the problem is sony or netflix but it's annoying.  
















Pros: Crisp, smooth graphics. Strong game lineup. Excellent controller. Friendly user interface. Lovely BluRay playback. Playstation + worth the money.

Cons: Audio and video settings/options not as robust as PS3. Battery life on controller a bit wanting. Media remote not available at launch.

I had promised myself to hold off on getting a Playstation 4 until spring for MLB: The Show's grand next-generation debut.

As you can plainly see...that plan was not seen all the way through smile.gif

Still, as much as I had seen and read about the PS4, I was amazed when I got it home and hooked it up to my 52" Samsung LN52A650A1F display. My initial concern of would the PS4 even 'shake hands' with my five-year old Sammy went unfounded as it booted right up, a reassuring and elegant blue strip of light on the console, an engaging blue display on the television and....a blue motion light on the controller? Ah...that will tax the battery, eh? Aside from this, the much-improved Dual Shock 4 controller feels great in my fairly large hands, with MUCH better analog sticks which are further apart and dimpled for a more positive grip than its predecessor, the Dual Shock 3. The triggers feel excellent but I wish the controller as a whole felt as sturdy as the Xbox 360 controller does.

Moving on to the setup, there really was very little to do. The PS4 does have built in WiFi, but I chose to hard-wire it from my router and the console dutifully sorted out the networking for me. All I had to do was log in to my Playstation Network, or PSN, account and all of my previous friends and trophies from my PS3 dalliance came right up. The PS4 also comes with a 30 day free trial of Playstation Plus, their premium online service akin to Xbox Live Gold, so input the code for that and was pleased to find three free games right off of the bat; Resogun (arcade shooter), Don't Starve (survival game), and Warframe. More free games are made available each month on Playstation Plus, so there is definite added value to this service.

Setting up the audio/video side of things was painless because the system auto-detected and set up accordingly. However this is one aspect of the system I can pick nits with, as the PS4's a/v options are not as tweakable as the PS3's, but they could conceivably patch in additional settings in a future firmware update. The system offers excellent performance even without the additional settings at this time, but I would recommend experimentation on the video settings as 'automatic' may not be delivering the best image your system can deliver. For my own setup, leaving the resolution at 'automatic' while changing the RGB range from 'Automatic' to 'Full' yielded a better picture on my display.

The user interface (UI) is a downright delight on this console, versus the plain-Jane XMB of the PS3. From what I have seen of the Xbox One interface (and even the 360's anymore!), the PS4 presents a VERY clean and easily navigable dashboard. From seeing your friends list, parties, checking your downloads, visiting the PSN Store, and going to your apps (Netflix, Hulu, etc) the whole experience flows nicely. One of the things I like best is the way it displays what you've been doing recently and games played. Sometimes I download titles and if it's not in a case next to my system I forget I have it smile.gif The way the dash works makes it clear what games you have so nothing gets overlooked. Checking trophies seems much easier to me this time around as well in this setup. There are no custom desktop themes yet, but I hope they implement that in the future for those who want to personalize their dashboard.

This system delivers excellent game performance. The power of next-gen gets hinted at with the dazzling scale of Battlefield 4, some nice improvement in Madden 25, and Tomb Raider looks and plays perfectly, with jaw-dropping graphics and smooth controls. The table is set for some great titles coming soon; Drive Club, The Golf Club, Infamous: Second Son, and MLB: The Show just to name a few. The launch and early releases have given us some great appetizers, and have elevated my expectations for Madden 15, The Show, and NBA 2k15 to name a few. I have only played online in Battlefield 4, but the experience has been by and large outstanding, excepting Dice's own server issues on occasion and rubber-banding, but this is not the fault of PSN nor the system.

BluRays play beautifully on this system, and seem to boot faster than they did on my PS3. Using a controller for a remote control is less than optimal, but functional and will hold until the actual remote drops in April (it still can't get here soon enough! Why not release this at launch??). I had originally bought my PS3 to use for BluRay and DVD viewing, which it did very well. The PS4 continues this with rich picture quality and steady search functionality, even with the controller. Another nit pick here: most BluRays I put in, they start to boot and then the PS4 asks me if I want to enable online functionality for extra features during the film. I would like to have a permanent 'no' option to that so that screen won't pop up anymore, with an option to enable it if I wish. We'll add that to the wish list of future firmware updates.

Overall this is an excellent system. I think it can't be understated that Sony managed to put some 'fun' into the UI this time around, which makes for a fresh experience and so much easier to get around. I actually enjoy going to the PSN Store to tempt myself with games because it's laid out so well. The PS4 is a winner with it's excellent UI, great controller, gaming and media performance and a solid group of apps so far that position the PS4 as a 'gamer's system'.

Overall: **** 1/2
Features: *****
Design: ****
Video Quality: *****
Controller: *****
Audio Quality: **** 1/2


Pros: Upgraded graphics; Dualshock 4; Playstation Now?

Cons: Where da games at?; No BC

I've been a fairly loyal Playstation gamer since the first system came out when I was a kid. I flirted with the XBOX 360, but we got too close and it ended up with pink eye(read: RROD). So, when my PS3 stopped playing discs in November of 2013 it was inevitable that I would choose Sony's system over the more expensive XBOX One.

So, what makes a system, but the games. I ended up getting Killzone: Shadowfall, NBA 2K14 and Fifa 14. I played all three at first. Killzone was beautiful to look at, but I'm terrible at shooters and don't play them all that often. Fifa was pretty good, but I couldn't score any goals, so I kept losing to the cpu. NBA 2K14 is pretty fun and has some good modes outside of the straight forward play a game, but it's only a console upgrade, not a system exclusive. And there is the biggest issue I have with my PS4, I have nothing to play. Some of the initial "launch" titles have been delayed, and the only title I'm looking forward to in the near future (Dragon Age: Inquisition) doesn't come out until next fall, and it's not even an exclusive.

Most of the media apps from the PS3 have found their way over or are scheduled within the next few months. The exception has been HBO GO, but that is seemingly ending "soon" according to @Playsation.

My advice? Wait until an exclusive that interests you comes out.


Pros: Full 1080P gaming, Improved controller ergonomics, Remote play

Cons: Short controller battery life, a step backwards in terms of playable media – No DLNA or USB playback.

I pre-ordered the PS4 console in September, missing out on the initial stock to be delivered for launch date at the end of November. The wait wasn’t too long though and a few weeks later the PlayStation 4 Killzone Shadow Fall Bundle arrived from Amazon.co.uk at a cost of £389.99. This included the PS4 console, the DualShock 4 wireless controller, HDMI lead, micro-USB charging cable (a change from the mini-USB on the DualShock 3), a basic mono headset for online gaming chat and the Killzone game. There is no separate power brick, having the transformer built into the main body of the console.

In terms of value, Sony have actually reduced the price for their console compared to the launch price of the PlayStation 3. Comparing against it's current rival, the Xbox One it's also coming in around £80 cheaper than that. One point to bear in mind though is that the Xbox One does come with the Kinect camera bundled. To add Sony's camera to the PS4 you'll be paying another £55. Finally, looking at the longevity of the product, considering Sony's past track record your investment will be good for at least the next 7 - 9 years.
Value: 5 stars

The console itself looks impressive design wise. Small and neat, unlike the original version of its’ predecessor, the PS3. Once plugged in it was very easy to set up. A straight forward wizard steps you through the process. You have a choice of wired or wireless for connection to the internet. There was a mandatory 300MB firmware update but fortunately that was quick to download and install (thanks to 50Mbps fibre broadband!). One drawback for me was the real push toward social media and Sony wanting to share everything you do with your friends. This can be tweaked but the XMB , Sony’s user interface menu relies heavily on these type of updates.
Design: 5 stars

Gaming on the system has been great. Killzone is a made for PS4 title that really showcases the performance of the machine. This, along with the other titles I’ve purchased all run at 1080P with no frame drops apparent. Some of the other titles – Call of Duty Ghosts, Fifa 14, Need for Speed Rivals, although great games don’t really stand out a great deal from their last gen counterparts. However, this isn’t to say they don’t look extremely impressive. Some of the action sequences within COD Ghosts are really “Come and look at this” moments. The level of detail, down to individual leaves, blades of grass and debris swirling is something that you can’t help but notice.
Gaming: 5 stars

The DualShock 4 controller is an improvement over the DualShock 3 in terms of ergonomics. The analog thumb controllers have bigger recesses for more accurate movement and the triggers now have a slight curve to hook your fingers and better responsiveness. On the downside though, the battery life is noticeably shorter than the DualShock 3. That could go for weeks without a charge, this new iteration will only last a couple of days maximum before you need to pop it on to charge. This is most likely due to the glowing blue led on the reverse side of the controller. This doubles as a positioning marker used by the PS4 camera if you have one, similar to the glowing orb on the move controllers. Unfortunately there is no means of turning this off and can be quite distracting in a dark room.
Controller: 4 stars

As a DVD and Blu-ray player the PS4 excels. The colours are true and accurate. I use an optical lead to link the system to my 5.1 Samsung amplifier and the sound is just as you’d expect, fully immersive in both the games and through movie playback.
Audio Quality: 4 stars
Video Quality: 4 stars

There is no remote control currently available for the system so you're limited to using the game controller. It works well enough but isn't ideal. Many forum users make use of universal remotes so all of your AV equipment can be controlled without a coffee table full of clutter, unfortunately Sony have not included an IR receiver on their unit. So unless your universal remote is Bluetooth compatible you are out of luck there. There is a glimmer of hope if you have a Sony TV due to the capability of the PS4 to receive signals via HDMI-CEC. This allows the televisions remote key presses to be delivered to the PS4 via the HDMI cable.
Remote: 3 stars

But, and this for me is the PS4’s biggest drawback, the media playback functionality has been severely limited. There is no DLNA support, meaning you can no longer stream your movies or music from your PC, Mac or NAS. There is also no facility for you to place this media on to a pen drive and attach that, they will not play. Considering the PS3 had all of these features and could be the core part of your front rooms entertainment system, it’s madness that Sony have decided to withdraw this. The only thing to cling to is that they will remedy this with a future firmware update.

The PS4 can connect with your other devices in a few ways. The Second screen function links your smart phone or tablet to the PS4 if on the same home network and allows keyboard entry to fill in forms, text chat or compose messages. This is certainly easier for most than trying to do this via the controller and an on-screen keyboard. Game developers also have the option to make use of this to provide useful features such as the display of game maps or health. To date, I’m not aware of any games that have made use of this yet.
Remote play on the PS Vita works very well. Think of it like remote controlling your PS4 and viewing the TV output straight on the Vita itself. If you’re familiar with VNC or Remote Desktop it’s very much like that. You can access all menus and features of the PS4, along with the being able to fire up and play games downloaded from the PSN or whatever game disc you may have in the drive. There was no noticeable performance lag whilst playing the games.
Features: 2½ stars

One other point to note is the simplicity in upgrading the system storage. I opted to replace the 500GB hard drive that comes included, with a 1TB hybrid drive from Seagate. This involved powering down the system, sliding off the upper surround and undoing just a couple of screws to swap out the drives. A system firmware re-install was required but again, an easy task. If you do need a little hand-holding all of the info is on Sony’s support site.

So in summary, as the title says, the PlayStation 4 is almost the perfect system. In terms of gaming I believe it’s the most powerful and complete system out there currently. It’s only drawbacks are; the poor controller battery life, and the fact Sony have taken a step backward regarding media playback.
Overall rating 4½ stars


Pros: Performance and graphics, price, looks, integrated power supply, exclusive games, controller

Cons: Size of the hard disk, some reliability issues with controller, still dissipates a lot of heat

I pre-ordered new Playstation 4 immediately when it was possible and I am glad that I did it. I got the console on launch date and I think that new PS4 is very good value for your money. Console has been almost perfect for gaming and new DS4 controller is even better than old DS3. Design of the new console is way better than in PS3. Graphics of the games are unbelievable and overall performance of the console is really good. Frame rate in games remains high all the time.

Blu-ray player is nice addition and I have already watched few movies with my new console. Blu-ray player works without issues. You can also play DVDs but I have not tried that yet. Video quality is really good as well as audio quality. I have no complains about video/audio quality during playing blu-rays. At the moment I can only use DS4 pad as remote control when watching movies. However I can remotely to access my PS4 with Vita (handheld gaming console).

Hard disk is 500Gb, but that might get small really fast because one game can take easily up to 50Gb. Luckily it is possible to change the hard disk by the owner and it is really easy.

There are few small things that I do not like about the console, especially in the software. For example you cannot pause your downloads and continue it later. You have to cancel the whole download and start it from the beginning. I play a lot of online games and I do not want to have any downloads during online gaming. I strongly believe that these issues will be fixed in the future and console comes even better after few firmware updates.

Features 4/5
Value 4.5/5
Design 4/5
Video quality 4.5/5
Audio quality 4.5/5
Remote 4/5


Pros: Great Features, High Resolution, The Sky is the Limit

Cons: Loading Issues, Lack of Quality Games

Hi guys. Just want to give my 2 cents on the PS4 console. I should start by saying the absolute best part about the PS4 are all the apps/features. I have a Samsung "Smart" T.V. and it really isn't that smart. It can hold a ton of apps, but the loading time for them is simply laughable. The menus for them seem a bit watered down as well. If you suffer from the same ailments from your T.V. as I do, the PS4 is the perfect remedy. Netflix, VUDU, Hulu etc. are a breeze to navigate through. Music, sports and renting/streaming movies are huge perks as well. Then of course it rocks a blu-ray player as one of it's main features. The audio and video quality for all these features are impeccable.


The controller is great. It feels much more solid and a has a bit more weight to it than the previous version. It also appears to have zero dead space or wiggle room in the thumb controls. Seems a bit pricey, but that seems to be the trend with these things.


The console design is alright I suppose. Nothing too flashy or exotic. I like how it is more compact than most consoles, past and present. It does however get dusty pretty fast, due to the smooth surface on the one side. It does make it very easy to wipe away though.


The games for the time being leave much to be desired. At least until the game developers get up to speed. And if you are like me, you know that isn't that far off with some of the impressive titles coming out this year. Tom Clancy's "The Division" is my main focus. I mean... Wow! 


I do however notice some loading issues on occasion. When I'm logged on for an extended period of time, it will sometimes get stuck on that loading circle when trying to open up a new app. Not a big deal, being as all I need to do is log out/in and problem solved. I imaging that can easily be fixed in a future update. That's also the main reason why I gave this console 4.5 stars instead of 5.


The only other problem I had with this console was trying to figure out what HDMI slot to use when plugging it in to my receiver. Blu-Ray, DVD, Game or Media Player? I mean, talk about confusing. :D 


The price seems reasonable at first glance ($399), but when you start this thing up and see all it has and realize what it is capable of, it suddenly feels like a bargain. Great future investment going forward with your entertainment needs.


Pros: Perfect controller, more powerful specs than Xbox One, higher resolution multiplatform games, only $399, compact form factor, runs quiet

Cons: Lacks some functionality that even the PS3 has, not much of a game library yet

If you're looking to jump into the new generation of consoles and want the highest possible performance without spending a small fortune, look no further than the PlayStation 4. Pound-for-pound compared to the Xbox One and Wii U, the PS4 reigns as the most powerful "next-gen" console in 2014. While most multiplatform games run at 720p/900p on Microsoft's console, those same multiplatform titles usually run in 1080p at a higher frame rate on the PS4. Fanboyism aside, this is a crucial difference -- there aren't many exclusives on the system yet and multiplatform games make up the bulk of the PS4's library.

And the controller! The DualShock 4 could possibly might be the best console controller since the GameCube's WaveBird, trimming all the worst parts of the DualShock 3 and adding an incredible tactic feel with molded triggers, rubberized grips, and super-accurate thumbsticks. If you can't stand playing first-person shooters on the PS3's DualShock 3, you'll be happy to know the DualShock 4 hangs right up there with the 360 controller in terms of comfort and accuracy... and then some.

Again, PS4 lacks game-changing exclusives for now. Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack are 7/10 titles at best, though with InFamous: Second Son and The Order: 1886 right around the corner, now's a great time to pick up a PS4 to prepare for a glorious year of PlayStation content. You'll also get at least one free PS4 game per month with a Playstation Plus subscription for $50 a year, which pays for itself in no time.

Games look stunning on my 55" Sony KDL-55NX720 LED TV, and setup was a snap -- since it uses the same power cable and HDMI input as the PS3, you can simply swap the systems at your leisure. There's a headphone jack on the DualShock 4 to send audio to any headset you can plug into it. I haven't tested this functionality, but it reportedly works just as expected. Blu-rays play just fine, but 3-D support hasn't been patched in quite yet. Bummer.

Thankfully, the PS4's UI is leaps better than the PS3's XMB menu. No need to cancel what you're doing when trying to launch a separate app or enter a voucher code, and this time around the PlayStation Store is native to the PS4 for much quicker loading. Unfortunately, initial load times for games can be a bit slow, but this can be greatly improved by replacing the stock HDD with an SSD.

At only $399 ($100 less than the Xbox One) and plenty of content on the way, the PS4 is the clear choice for the new generation.
PlayStation 4 Console

Frequently Asked Questions Why is the release date still showing as 12/31/2013? The manufacturer (Sony Computer Entertainment America) has not yet provided an official release date for the PlayStation 4. As soon as it is announced, we will update the detail page with the date. If you ordered either a Launch Edition or a Launch Bundle, your order will be eligible for Release-Date Delivery. What is Release-Date Delivery? Release-Date Delivery is available for eligible pre-order items we can deliver on the release date to ZIP codes within the continental U.S. Shipping charges for Release-Date Delivery vary by item and are displayed on the order confirmation page. For Amazon Prime members, Release-Date Delivery is free when selecting Two-Day Shipping. What is the difference between the Standard Edition and Launch Edition? The Standard Edition of the PlayStation 4 is identical to the Launch Edition. Due to high demand, we cannot offer Release-Date Delivery on the Standard Edition of the PlayStation 4. If you order the Standard Edition, you may receive your PlayStation 4 after the release date — We will ship your Standard Edition order as soon as we receive sufficient inventory. Are the Launch Bundles eligible for Release-Date Delivery? Yes. The Launch Bundles are eligible for Release-Date Delivery. Do I have to pay anything to reserve my console? There is no fee associated with pre-ordering on Amazon. You will be charged for the console after your order has entered the shipping process. What is Amazon’s pre-order cancellation policy? You can cancel your pre-order at any time before it enters the shipping process. If you cancel an order for either the Launch Edition or one of the Launch Bundles, we cannot guarantee you will be able to pre-order the Launch Edition or Launch Bundle at a later date. Why can I only buy one PlayStation 4 right now? Due to high demand, we want to ensure as many customers as possible have the opportunity to purchase a PlayStation 4. Amazon reserves the right to limit Release-Date Delivery to one PlayStation 4 per customer. Official PS4 specifications:Main Processor: Single-chip custom processor CPU: x86-64 AMD 'Jaguar' 8 cores GPU: 1.84 TFLOPS, AMD next-generation Radeon™ based graphics engine Memory: GDDR5 8GB Hard Disk Drive: Built-in Optical Drive (read only): BD 6xCAV DVD 8xCAV I/O and communication: Super-Speed USB (USB 3.0) AUX Ethernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth® 2.1 (EDR) AV output: HDMI Analog-AV out Digital Output (optical)

BindingVideo Game
FeatureShipping date based on availability. This product is not guaranteed at release date. PS4 enables the greatest game developers in the world to unlock their creativity and push the boundaries of play through a platform that is tuned specifically to their needs Engage in endless personal challenges between you and your community, and share your epic moments for the world to see Gamers can share their epic triumphs by hitting the ?SHARE button? on the controller, scan through the last few minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game With PS Vita, gamers will be able to seamlessly play PS4 games on the beautiful 5-inch display over Wi-Fi in a local environment
Package Height1 inches
Package Length5 inches
Package Weight1 pounds
Package Width5 inches
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TitlePlayStation 4 Standard Edition
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EditionStandard Edition
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