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Fantastic Speaker at an entry price point

A Review On: Polk Audio AM7092-A Monitor70 Series II Floorstanding Loudspeaker

Polk Audio AM7092-A Monitor70 Series II Floorstanding Loudspeaker

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Pros: Full sounding speaker, detailed mids and highs, able to hit low bass felt in the floor.

Cons: Require lots of power to sound their best and to produce low bass

I got these speakers as an upgrade to my original H.T. purchase, so they were my only second set of mains. I originally drove them with an Onkyo 807, 135wpc with 2ch driven. For 2ch listening, they were decent, just not blow-me-away speakers. H.T. sounded great.

Down the line, I added an XPA-3 power amp, 200wpc. These M70's started to produce some detail I hadn't heard before, 2ch listening was a lot more enjoyable. H.T. was awesome.

Further down the line, I added an XPA-2, a 300wpch amp, BINGO, these M70's responded to this power like it was a brand new speaker, it produced bass you could feel, mids and highs that were starting to rival my RTiA9's, I was impressed by the sound these "cheap" speakers were making with that much power feeding into them. I hated to sell them, but after I demoed them on the power amp, I got my asking price easy.

Final word, feed them and they will play.


I don't understand, The difference between a 135 wpc amplifier, a 200 wpc amplifer and a 300 wpc amplifer is indecipherable. There's simply no reason in the world why one of these amplifiers (operating correctly) would make the loudspeaker sound any different than the other and there certainly shouldn't be any more "detail" being produced simply because it has a higher power rating.

There's (literally) less than 2 decibels of "clean" output difference between the emotivas you list. They (the speakers) should even be playing to similar max levels before either amplifier begins to clip.
Hi mastermaybe, I hear you. When you lay it out in blueprint as you have, one could easily question the claim I've made.

The M70 with power behaved like a four barrel carburetor, if I may, when you give it a certain amount of gas, it performs on the initial two barrels, when you give it more gas, the secondary two barrels open up and the performance is greater.

After hearing the difference, if I didn't know it was the same speaker, I would have guessed it was a different one.