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A Review On: Polk Audio CSI A6 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Cherry)

Polk Audio CSI A6 Center Channel Speaker (Single, Cherry)

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Pros: Cherry finish, adjustable rod in back, overall performance

Cons: none

Upgraded to the A6 from a CS2 & the difference literally, is like night & day. Whereas the CS2, was a decent entry level center channel, never really could hear the lyrics in music without knowing them already etc; also in tv & movies while the CS2 worked, left me wanting for more. The A6 delivers in abundance!! It's beautiful design, cherry finish, adjustable rod in back for a tilt down position makes this an all around great performer! Doesn't really get better for the price. Is a hefty speaker, big bulky but nonetheless, worth it! CSiA6 001.JPG 204k .JPG file


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