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A Review On: Polk Audio RTI A5 Floorstanding Speaker (Single, Cherry)

Polk Audio RTI A5 Floorstanding Speaker (Single, Cherry)

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Pros: Looks good, sounds great, beautiful veneer

Cons: none

I decided to go with A5s for surrounds in my 7.1 system instead of the FXi A6 simply because they match the A7s I already have. These are the perfect compliment for the 7s & the 6 center imho. They look stunning & provide a great sound when watching blu ray & listening to music, whether it's streaming lossless from my pc or cds. These come with spikes that screw into the bottom of the feet so they're secure sitting on carpet. If you can find these below retail, don't hesitate, you won't regret it! RTiA53.jpg 709k .jpg file


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