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Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker

100% Positive Reviews


Pros: Great midrange, Powerful bass, Floor spikes included

Cons: Need lots of power to get good bass

These were an upgrade from the Monitor 70's. Right from the start you could tell this was a quality speaker, delivering more detail, depth and accuracy.

I was using an Emotiva XPA-3, 200wpc amp to drive my M70's, so my A9's don't know what it's like to be driven from just my AVR, an Onkyo TX-NR807.

I did experience the bright, almost shrill and fatiguing sound from the A9's musically. H.T. was awesome.

After some time on the speakers, the sound began to mellow out, plus, the addition of another 100w, the XPA-2, the A9's were flawless. Musically, these speakers are awesome. My CD collection continues to grow.

The "brightness" of these speakers seem to be just a phase, once you get through that, it becomes the speaker you hoped it would be.

Space and power is what these speakers seem to need to sound their best! Once I connected the XPA-2, I got some pretty chest pounding bass, of course, nothing replaces a monster sub. But these speakers sounded so good to me, I purchased a second pair to run as wides.

Highly recommended.


Pros: HT and music, great bass, less bright than tsi series

Cons: none

I got a great deal on these from www.acousticsounddesign.com who were great to deal with. These replaced tsi500's in my 5.1 HT setup. The difference between these and the tsi's are night and day. The detail is amazing and they put out so much beautiful sound effortlessly. There are so many comments out there about the rti's being very bright/forward but i was pleasantly surprised to find them much more laid back when compared to the tsi's. I have these running off an Onkyo 809 and they sound fantastic -- full sound at all volume levels. I will think about adding an external amp at some point but given how great they sound now im unsure of how much improvement i would get. For HT I'm crossing them over at 50hz but for music it really does sound great to run them full band/range and turn the sub right off (for me an HSU stf-2). LOVIN' these bad boys!
Polk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker

Polk Audio RTI A9 Cherry Floor-Standing Speaker - The new RTI A series feature several upgrades. From the incorporation of our latest Dynamic Balance Cone drivers and 1 inch tweeters to an elegant restyling of the cabinets in keeping with the latest styles. The floor-standing models feature "Power Port Plus" an enhancement of Polk's patented Power Port technology. As you would expect from this highly popular line, the performance is classic Polk.

BrandPolk Audio
FeatureSingle real wood floorstanding speaker with all MDF construction and resonance-free enclosures Equipped with dual 5.25-inch polymer composite cone drivers and three 7-inch polymer composite subwoofers Features Power Port technology to reduce "chuffing" or "port noise" Equipped with one 1-inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeter Features a neodynium magnet, low viscosity ferro-fluid cooling, and a heat sink on the back of the magnet
Item Height7.75 inches
Item Length21 inches
Item Width50.25 inches
LabelPolk Audio
ManufacturerPolk Audio
Package Height15.7 inches
Package Length53 inches
Package Weight88.2 pounds
Package Width24.3 inches
PublisherPolk Audio
StudioPolk Audio
TitlePolk Audio RTI A9 Floorstanding Speaker (Single, Cherry)
UPCList - UPCListElement747192113087 747192118464
Item Weight74.96 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElementAM9972-A PLKAM9972A AM9972-C|4 POLKRTIA9C
Warranty5 Years Parts and Labor
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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