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RCA 52" 1080p = bang for the buck

A Review On: RCA LED52B45RQ 52 inch LED HDTV


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Mustang Matt
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Pros: Inexpensive, large and capable display that provides the basics, 1080p

Cons: Poor speakers, backlight bleed, 60 Hz, Only 2 HDMI inputs

I purchased this TV in June of 2013 stacking some Sears coupons to bring the price down to just over $500 after taxes. I wasn't looking for top of the line and I already had a plethora of "smart" devices so I didn't need smart features. I was really looking to spend the minimum possible for a 50"+ 1080p TV to hold me over until 4K TVs start taking over.

This seemed to fit the bill quite well. Out of the box there were a couple of small scratches on the stand but they weren't enough to make me return it. Setup was simple and the display is bright. The two HDMI inputs is one less than I needed and two less than I wanted, but I didn't want to pay for more as I'm assuming I'll eventually buy a receiver with several inputs and I'll really only need one on the TV.

I'm using it with a Windows 7 media center PC and it looks great for a TV monitor. The blacks aren't as black as I'd like and the speakers are abysmal. I wouldn't recommend this TV if you aren't planning on bringing your own receiver and speakers. There's just a slight halo around the edges when using it in the dark.

Overall the picture quality is good. The remote is easy to use. The refresh is a bit slow at 60 Hz. I tried to overclock the panel without success. In addition to the PC I've tried a Logitech Revue, PS3, and Wii and all work without any issues.

If I had the same decision to make again I would still purchase this TV.


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AVS › Reviews › Displays › LED HDTV › RCA LED52B45RQ 52 inch LED HDTV › Reviews › Mustang Matt's Review