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A Review On: Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player

Roku 2 XS 1080p Streaming Player

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To take maximum advantage of this device you will need a broadband internet connection with a stable signal of at least 5.0MB-plus, otherwise there is no reason to buy this box(the lesser versions will do as well for lower resolutions, and at less cost). The Netflix & VuDu image quality at 1080p is extraordinary, equal to or better than many BluRay discs, and equal to or better than VuDu's HDX service. And I'm talking about viewing the Netflix and VuDu HDX on a 65-inch plasma screen where image deficiencies are most noticeable. Of course, as to Netflix you must search through their library to see which offerings are "HD"(currently 4,000-plus titles). Unfortunately, the accompanying 5.1 surround audio is available only with an amp which offers Dolby Digital Plus codec(many late model, high-quality units do not); if not, you're stuck with stereo only. Complaints about this limitation to Netflix and VuDu result in nothing more than their promise to refer the issue to tech department.


So many incorrect inconsistencies makes the above review basically worthless and a waste of cyber space. Hilarious That Vudu and Netflix image quality via streaming could possible BEAT blu-ray and is seriously erroneous.

Also, the statement "5.1 surround audio is available only with an amp which offers Dolby Digital Plus codec(many late model, high-quality units do not)" makes one in the know laugh even harder as this is just an outlandish comment to make. Unless the OP is stating this based on...nothing. Amps don't have ANY codec, late model or not. Codecs reside in and resolved by, the pre-amp section of any AVR. And most all "late model, high quality units" DO indeed have the capability provided the correct connection is used (HDMI). Digital coax/TosLink (optical) will only pass DD and DTS and that's it. Likely the reviewer does not have his Roku connected properly, and/or instead of getting an AVR WITH HDMI inputs, would rather make false claims based on their own inadequacies.
Considering that BluRay is the biggest economic flop in the history of electronics(Sony alone reported a $250-BILLION loss in 11/2007 in its BluRay division to the SEC, an amount which can arithmetically NEVER be recouped based upon the format's life expectancy), your suggestion that HDX and Netflix 1080p streaming cannot be equal to or better many BluRay discs is just plain silly. I've rented numerous BluRay discs, some very good and others godawful(or worse), and the simple fact is that these two services referenced have now somehow found a way to provide an image equal to or better than many BD-Roms. The newest source offerings on Netflix 1080p are startlingly good - but, like BluRay, some are not so good. As to the codecs referred to, this is a generic term(see Wikipedia), and NO, many late-model high-quality HDMI video amps do NOT have DDP, and cannot be used for DDP, no matter how connected(I have one, a Sherwood RD7502 which has multiple audio codecs available). Your defense of BluRay is commendable, but dated; time moves on and perhaps the days of physical media are numbered(?) Who knows, with Netflix 1080p and HDX at the advancing rate now offered, that just might be true.
250 billion? Where on earth did you get such a ridiculous figure?