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Runco SP-50DHD 50" Plasma HDTV with DHD HD Scaler Rocks!

A Review On: Runco SP-50DHD 50" Plasma HDTV with DHD HD Scaler Rocks!

Runco SP-50DHD 50" Plasma HDTV with DHD HD Scaler Rocks!

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Pros: Ease of use, picture quality & durability.

Cons: Remote must be reset after the battery dies. Price is pretty high!

I bought my Runco SP-50DHD 50" 1080i/720p Plasma HDTV with the DHD HD Scaler about 5.5 years ago, just before Runco started producing their 1080P HDTV’s. Sadly, if I had waited about six months!

However, even though I don’t truly have a 1080p HDTV I am still not disappointed in my purchase. Obviously, being such an older HDTH there is no 3D availability or video stream, and this is purely a monitor, so no speakers, but to this point 3D’s picture quality is substandard to any regular HDTV, because the colors are far from true to the original film and to me that matters much more than gimmicks. Additionally, I don’t stream from the Internet at this time and I use my home theatre system for audio, so speakers were not needed.

Since I’ve owned my plasma for so long I can truly make a long-term assessment of it. While I can’t remember how it looked when brand new I would say I have not seen a loss of colors, as to me the colors are still bright & vivid as the day I bought the unit.
I can’t say how easy it was to set-up & calibrate, because I had a Runco certified technician set-up my unit, but I watched him do it and it didn’t seem overly complicated.

The scaler is calibrated using the remote and contrast, color, sharpness etc. for each screen size, full, anomorphic etc. is done using the remote. The remote is simple to use, but my one gripe is when the batteries die one has to reprogram the remote, which is easier enough to do when one remembers the code, but remembering the code is the problem! Luckily, Runco has 24 hours tech service which usually will call you within about two hours during closing hours.

Adjustments to picture height, width and length are easy to make, as well as adjustments in color, contrast, sharpness etc.

I set-up and calibrated my own Sony 48” 1080p LCD, which was the unit I owned and subsequently gave away to my sister, because the pixelization during fast moving scenes was driving me crazy! With the Runco, there sometimes is the same issue, but way less than the Sony.

As far as the sharpness of the picture and how natural the colors are I would say they are very realistic. Flesh tones and details in garmets, even dark ones are clearly visible. The blacks aren’t as deep as Panasonic, but then again the Runco isn’t overly contrasty either.

The HDTV I owned before the Runco and the Sony was a Loewe 30’ 1080i/720p tube HDTV. The Runco is as good as the Loewe, which was an excellent HDTV. With the Runco I can see lots of detail and nice color without the color being overly saturated like the Sony. The picture remains clear even at the edge of the screen.

I would highly recommend this Runco product for its durability, quality picture, ease of use.

The cost was over $8K, but I’ve not had any problems with this HDTV since I’ve owned it.


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