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A Review On: Saints Row IV - PlayStation 3

Saints Row IV - PlayStation 3

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Pros: Some fun to be had, 'They Live' level

Cons: Recycled city, lost all the heart and charm, lack of originality, not a lot of new customization options

I'll just come right out and say it, this is the worst of the series. While the game adds superpowers to the gameplay it's lost nearly everything else that's made it good. It hasn't lost a lot of what made it fun so it's still an alright game but from the excellent Saints Row 2 it's fallen into mediocrity.

The once clever jokes have become constant parody. Everything is parody or parody of a parody. Independence Day, Aliens, The Matrix, Space Invaders, Mass Effect, Leave it to Beaver and that's just the intro. Later on taking shots at Ghostbusters, MGS and more. It's become the Scary Movie of video games. Much like the Scary Movie series it's now at an all time low. The series has now gone so far it's become a parody of itself. There used to be heart, motive and emotion. Now it's just the standard save the world motive. The only parody that actually works is the one of classic 80's movie 'They Live'. Gone is the emotional scene of your character standing in the middle of the street in the rain over their fallen homie. No funerals. No outsmarting the bad guys in fun ways. This stuff started to go downhill in 3 and hit rock bottom here. The story and concept of these games has gone so far what they were that there's still left over plotlines and loose threads from SR 2 and 3. Even the presentation took a hit, instead of seeing your character in scenes you mostly get low quality FMVs.

The customization sees no improvement from SR 3. It's pretty much the same thing. Worse yet most of the new clothes that were in the Initation Station have disappeared from the main game.

Gameplay is still fun at heart, it plays much more like Crackdown now, and graphics were improved a bit but why you're doing everything you're doing has become meaningless. It's become a method to tell bad jokes and parody things that have already been done thousands of times. They need to go back to their roots with original content, with emotion and heart. Misson variety is down too with most coming down to "blow this up" or "defend this". The game is also overall shorter than SR 2 or 3. It's still a solid 20 hours which is better than most games in general but doesn't live up to the others in the series.

This started as a DLC expansion for Saints Row 3, due to THQ going broke they wanted to make it into a full game. Then they went broke and Deep Silver bought the franchise. The lack of effort is very clear througout the game and it should've stayed as DLC. Speaking of which there's a disgusting ammount of DLC on the disc including once again having removed the popular infinte health and ammo cheats to sell seperately. This should've stayed as DLC and the consumer unfriendly practices should've stayed with THQ.


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AVS › Reviews › Video Games › Saints Row IV - PlayStation 3 › Reviews › Vegaz's Review