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Limited space, no internet, on a budget? If this sounds like you take a look!

A Review On: Samsung BD-D5500 3D Blu-ray Disc Player (Black)

Samsung BD-D5500 3D Blu-ray Disc Player (Black)

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Pros: Respectable BD load times-Surprising DVD upconversion-Sleek looks-Easy set up menu-Dimmable display

Cons: Painfully slow internet navigation including Netflix-Seek noise-No multi channel analog audio outputs-Hard wired power cord

I am almost impressed with this little machine, I can't say I expected much as I got this on a promo for free with the purchase of a Samsung TV. This player is small, about an inch tall and half the depth of a typical DVD player while being standard "rack" width. When its off it almost disappears except for its blue i/o touch button. The gloss black front looks seamless edge to edge. Once it is turned on a series of touch sensors light up for the basic controls and greets you with a HELLO on the display. The remote is nice but large and features a dedicated Netflix button. This is where this player falls on its face. The internet connectivity is painfully slow, accessing apps is not worth the time waiting. Netflix seems to load the fastest but scrolling to find something to watch is outright aggravating even with in the que. The movies play smooth once you make a selection but its obvious the bit rate is low as there is banding in gradients. The audio for Netflix is only two channel but run it through a pro logic receiver and its not so bad. If you don't plan to hook up to the internet this player is quite surprising otherwise. Using the HDMI output set to 1080p run through a Denon AVR, BD's BD-3D and DVD's look great even on my 120 inch scope front projector. In fact, other than the thud of the optical head searching the disc I could barely notice the difference between it and my Oppo BDP-83. I thought for sure it would stumble hard upconverting standard DVD's on a screen that big but its really not bad at all. The audio is good as well and does True-HD and DTS-HD but can't hang with the Oppo for 2ch analog audio output with CD's, it just sounds harsh. The set up menu is easy to understand and has three settings for the display dimmer which is a nice touch. If you plan to use just the basic features of playing BD and DVD through HDMI this machine is an excellent value.


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AVS › Reviews › Blu-ray Players › Samsung BD-D5500 3D Blu-ray Disc Player (Black) › Reviews › ZombieTheater's Review