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Network Interface Error

A Review On: Samsung BD-D6500/ZA D6500 Serivce/blue-ray Disc Player/3d Stereo

Samsung BD-D6500/ZA D6500 Serivce/blue-ray Disc Player/3d Stereo

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Pros: Pandora App - floating screen saver

Cons: NIC errors, no qwerty keypad, UI, memory

When the media streaming devices came out, I really just had to have one. I tried the logitech revue and google tv. I really liked the revue, but it didn't let me stream hulu which I didn't like. It also didn't let me play DVD's or Blu-Rays, so I decided to go with the Samsung product. I actually had to buy three in total because of issues (keep reading), but kept coming back to this player.

The player started out ok, but had many annoying quirks, mostly mentioned in the CON's sections, but many are corrected now (for the most part) after software/firmware upgrades. However I did just put in a service request on this after painfully dealing with the Network Interface error that randomly rears its ugly head... and I figured I'm approaching the end of my year warranty.

Overall I like the player, but it has quirks ...

The biggest issue is ... switching between apps or media sources at times renders network interface errors. The only way to get it working again is reset the unit by unplugging the player from the power source and the data cable... wait a minute and reset everything. After you included the long loading process you have to endure loading "smart hub" you've wasted 10-15 minutes of your life you will never get back!

Support is informative, but the language barrier gets in the way at times... as it is farmed out to India/China, so while you are talking to "Scotty" it's actually Xiangh ...

I'm hoping after 3 players, several upgrades to firmware later and shipping my player off for being repaired ... I will get a little more memory in the unit and a better NIC.

I have mentioned many negatives, but I really just liked the player for the design of the Pandora app and how it floats album/title/song around the screen as a screen saver. Other than that it does what I want it to and they have made long strides in making the UI better. It use to be painful to enter usernames and passwords, and after doing software upgrades it would wipe your current settings ... it does have a qwerty keyboard now on screen, but the remote could be designed better for that use IMO. I recently had to uninstall some useless apps I downloaded, because it would give me "out of memory" errors when I try to switch from hulu to pandora, so hopefully the latest players include more memory. The most annoying thing with this player is the NIC errors, as this is the only device in my home that loses a connection.

Don't let the review scare you off, it's a good player but just make sure you download any and all updates before settling in on an opinion of the player. Also it could come down a bit in price, it was on sale when I got it 11/23/11 for $169.


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