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A Review On: Samsung BD-D6500/ZA D6500 Serivce/blue-ray Disc Player/3d Stereo

Samsung BD-D6500/ZA D6500 Serivce/blue-ray Disc Player/3d Stereo

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Pros: Has Dolby Digital Bitstream Re-Encode

Cons: It's not a PS3 - controls are primitive by comparison

My Re-furbished BD-D6500 arrived today. Easily hooked up and working.

I own several other Samsung BD players, and a Samsung Plasma TV, but this unit was for my home theater projector setup.

It supplements a PS3 which for reasons I won't get into here, I will not re-flash to the latest firmware.

The 6500 was selected because it will work with my home streaming network server, because it can bitstream re-encode my DTS-only BD disks to AC3 for my aging THX Surround Processor, and because I can re-flash it to keep it's encryption keys current without worrying about losing features or compatibility with my content.

The AC3 re-encode output [optical] works as advertised once the settings are appropriately customized. [ don't PCM Downsample unless Absolutely necessary ]

  • Shuttle controls are not to be compared with the PS3 however. No step-reverse or slo-mo-reverse
  • I miss the BlueTooth Remote [ This one's IR ]
  • Icons and on-screen controls way Way too large for a 100-inch screen [even when set small]
  • Not enough detail in the Streaming media screens [only 8 titles at a time]
  • 3D to 2D setting won't allow 3D disks to work [ media complains: 2D display ]
  • TosLink surround output - no Coax
  • Audio sync with image - Excellent [ boy, is that a relief! ]
  • AllShare Media playback now chooses from multiple Audio tracks [very cool!]

Still, for the price I paid - it gets me back my THX DD capability.

I wouldn't need this if the studios were kind enough to give us an alternate DD5.1 track for ENGLISH when the main track is DTS. mad.gif

Note: Firmware 1017.3 as reviewed


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