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Samsung BD-E5400 Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player Reviews


Wireless connect problem


Cons: missing character sysmbols when entering password

Unit works fine but when trying to connect to my wireless network I cannot find an * symbol on the on screen keyboard to enter my network password. I have been online with Samsung and they admit that it is not there so I am returning the unit. They wanted me to change my network password and change that password on all my devices that use my wireless, and all my friends that use it, sorry not going to go there.

Samsung Pioneer incompatibility


Pros: Small, Wifi built in

Cons: Is secretly incompatible with some HDTVs. Up to the buyer to know

I have a brand new Samsung EV5400 Blu Ray player and it will not work with my Pioneer PDP 6070HD Television. It's been back to Samsung twice and they cannot determine why. I even send a video of what happens when I try to play a blu ray disk. I talked to the tech and it seems that the Samsung unit is incompatible with my HDTV. I was told to contact Samsung support. I did and was told by them that it was my fault that I didn't research their product enough to determine that it wouldn't work with the Pioneer HDTV. No refund, no solution so I'm out $80.

AllShare is a failure


Pros: Plays Blu Ray discs

Cons: AllShare fails terribly.

Well what can I say? This Blu Ray player plays Blu Ray discs. And now that we've established that, let's move on to the usual Samsung runaround. I bought this Blu Ray player for the sole purpose of using the AllShare feature to stream .mkv files to my bedroom. I use it on my Samsung LED TV in my living room and it streams .mkv files and even 3d .mkv files with no problems (aside that I have to change the file extension to .avi, not convert the file, just change the extension.) After doing this, my TV does a great job. I decided to try a Blu Ray player with the same feature thinking that there would be some sort of standardization. Apparently I made a mistake. The BD-E5400 will not play...
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Pure junk


Pros: Nothing

Cons: Freezes up constantly with Netflix

I bought this player to stream Netflix into my bedroom. It will only work for about 5-15 minutes before it freezes which can only be fixed by getting out of bed and holding down the power button. The player worked fine out of box until upgrading to firmware ver.1014.1. That's when all the Netflix issues started happening. After speaking to Samsung they are aware of the issue but they have no solution. I've been waiting for over 2 months for them solve this.
AVS › Reviews › Blu-ray Players › Samsung BD-E5400 Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player › Samsung BD-E5400 Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player Reviews