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AllShare is a failure

A Review On: Samsung BD-E5400 Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player

Samsung BD-E5400 Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player

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Pros: Plays Blu Ray discs

Cons: AllShare fails terribly.

Well what can I say? This Blu Ray player plays Blu Ray discs. And now that we've established that, let's move on to the usual Samsung runaround. I bought this Blu Ray player for the sole purpose of using the AllShare feature to stream .mkv files to my bedroom. I use it on my Samsung LED TV in my living room and it streams .mkv files and even 3d .mkv files with no problems (aside that I have to change the file extension to .avi, not convert the file, just change the extension.) After doing this, my TV does a great job. I decided to try a Blu Ray player with the same feature thinking that there would be some sort of standardization. Apparently I made a mistake. The BD-E5400 will not play any of my .mkv files whether I change the file extension or not. It won't even see it if I leave it as an .mkv (although neither will my TV.) I called Samsung and they moved my call to the specialist (or something like that) technical department. Supposedly, this is where the answers will be. This guy was completely useless. He sent me to the "Contact Us" link on the Samsung website. After 2 emails from them, one telling me to install the AllShare software on my computer, which is terrible and still doesn't help, and the other with a couple of useless links and a Youtube video pertaining to something completely irrelevant to my issue. The second email also referred me to their 1-800-Samsung line that referred to the email. Imagine the email that I sent back to them. It involved their ignorance and the offering of my resume in case they needed someone intelligent enough to understand the concept of DLNA servers on their staff. Anyway, there is my review. Don't buy it.


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AVS › Reviews › Blu-ray Players › Samsung BD-E5400 Wi-Fi Blu-ray Player › Reviews › Cooperjs1's Review