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Samsung PN59D550 59-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #28 in Plasma HDTV

I picked this TV up from Best Buy, and I love it. Great for games, TV, and movies. Out of the box, the blues were boosted too high, and so was the contrast, but that's pretty much any TV.

The sound out of the TV itself isn't half bad, but obviously it's recommended to hook it up to a receiver. The colours (once I fooled around for a while), are pretty nice, and you can actually find suggested levels all over the internet for this model. Blacks are black, whites are white, and the overall picture quality is great.

The only cons I have with this TV, are the buzz and the bezel. I ended up returning my initial purchase because I knew that plasmas buzz, but this one was LOUD. Exchanged it, but there is still a buzz to this day. It's very central (you can only hear it if you're dead centre with the TV), and it can be annoying at times. When watching a movies, it isn't a problem, because the volume is turned up, but when watching some TV shows, or even scenes in movies with very little sound, I can hear it. The bezel isn't ugly, but it could been a bit thinner in my opinion.

Other than those two "issues," I thoroughly enjoy my TV on a daily basis.
Samsung PN59D550 59-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV

Plasma Display Samsung's Plasma HDTVs deliver all the bold contrast and color of plasma, with the advanced features and design that Samsung is known for. Compared to other types of displays, Plasma offers high contrast ratios, gorgeously saturated colors, and allows for wide viewing angles, so every seat in the house is a great one.Samsung's D550 series makes a great entry-point for 3D Plasma HDTVs. WIth a 1080p resolution, an ultra fast response time, and 600Hz subfield motion technology, you get a crystal-clear image. Connect a USB flash drive to enjoy some video, music, or pictures. Better yet, add a Blu-ray 3D player and some Samsung 3D glasses, and you'll have access to ultra-immersive 3D entertainment.

Feature3D glasses not included in box, must be purchased as optional accessory 600Hz Subfield Full HD Motion performance Crystal Full HD Engine with Cinema Smooth 3D picture performance AllShare DLNA networking
TitleSamsung PN59D550 59-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV (Black)
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AVS › Reviews › Displays › Plasma HDTV › Samsung PN59D550 59-Inch 1080p 600Hz 3D Plasma HDTV