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Excellent color balance and superb white whites. Distracting buzzing and major video processing issues takes stars off...

A Review On: Samsung PN64F8500 64-Inch 3D Smart Plasma HDTV

Samsung PN64F8500 64-Inch 3D Smart Plasma HDTV

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Pros: Best whites that I have seen on plasmas in 2013 lineup. Colors are accurate with slightly exaggerated reds. Good blacks.

Cons: Buzzing and video processing mistakes on Cinema Smooth mode. Software glitch that does not shut off Cinema Smooth, strong SOE with Cinema Smooth OFF.

I have been looking for a perfect large screen TV for over a year now. I owned 70" Elite LED and 65VT50, and Elite color accuracy (even calibrated) and screen uniformity were poor while 65VT50 whites were never truly white.

Finally here came the PN64F8500 and it has good color accuracy, white whites and respectable blacks. I have played most of my test files and this TV impresses.
My comparison are basically these:
  • Colors that as accurate as VT50 and much better than Elite
  • Images have depth that I did not see on Elite or on VT50
  • Whites that are white and much closer to Elite's
  • Blacks are up there with the big dogs of Elite

I enjoy the visuals from this TV every day but motion on the other hand is a pain to deal with. Nobody should be doing these hoop jumps on the $3500 TV. FW 1110 still has issues with Cinema Smooth and unless you know how to deal with that you will have motion issues like jerkiness ever 2-3 secs and SOE. 1080p24 from the good source creates strong SOE with Cinema Smooth turned OFF, to kill the SOE one needs to turn the TV off completely and restart then TV produces correct 60p conversion but if for some movie you decide to use Cinema Smooth and then after watching turn it off you will end up with SOE and will need to do full TV reboot.

Buzzing is also abnormal on my June 2013 unit. It buzzes even from 11ft away when you sit in the center of the TV. It is the pitch and tone of the buzzing and the volume when combined create unpleasant buzzing experience. Plasmas buzz, I know but my VT50 was barely audible in the quiet room from 11ft and impossible to hear with lowest soundtrack on. Do I have a superhuman hearing? I do not think so, but I am audio fanatic and I prefer my video concerts to have quiet backgrounds.

Another minor thing, if you are to zoom to avoid burnt logos or 4:3 issues, you are in for an unpleasant surprise, this TV does not have adjustable Zoom modes or just good Zoom modes at all, so if you are watching something via SmartHub with logos or 4:3 size, you will not get Zoom corrections like you would on Panasonics.

I am not reviewing SmartTV features as I do not see value in them there will be many more reviewers that will rave about SmartHub. My sources are far superior to SmarHub sources. I only care about picture quality and quiet audio without major buzzing.

This TV does have respectable picture, if Cinema Smooth can be fixed then all picture aspects will be very good and I suspect buzz-free F8500 do exist so this is a major lottery here that you are playing with your $3000+.


I am thinking about buying 3D TV and a friend of mine talk good things about this one. I just don't know what type of 3D is there? Polarizing? What kind of glasses it requires?
This is an active shutter 3D technology, so 3D is progressive and the set comes with 4 pairs of glasses. Glasses are OK not the best as they do not block light from sides but they do work. I would rate 3D on F8500 better than on 65VT50 but not quite as good as on Elite. Also 3D material is important too. Prometheus is poorly coded for 3D to begin with, while old Titanic is just about perfect.
Thanks dvzzz:) I will probably take this one into consideration!
I sold my 60 inch Samsung 8000 LED TV and bought the 64F8500 several weeks ago. I live in Pattaya, Thailand where TV's are usually about 30% high cost than in the USA. The 64F8500 was put on sale from some reason. I watched the 64F8500 sitting next to a Samsung 65 inch 8000 and a Samsung 70 inch 4K TV. The 70 inch TV was about $9500.00 American. The 65 inch LED was $4000.00 American, and the Samsung plasma F8500 was on sale for $2300.00 American. The picture quality was great on all 3 of the TV's, but the blacks were darker and the colors richer on the plasma. Also, with the new super bright Samsung plasma screen the plasma was as brights as the LED Tv's. It was a very easy decision to make to by the Samsung F8500 plasma. I hear no buzz and have had no issues whatsoever. Love the TV.
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