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System Review: Seaton Catalyst 12Cs and SubMersive HPs

A Review On: Seaton Sound Catalyst 12C

Seaton Sound Catalyst 12C

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Awesome review Mario!  Nice room too--it gives those Cats the space they deserve to really breathe and let loose.
I don't know what I was doing with my A/V life back when I was 24, but you're on a great track at an early age!
Thank you Matt! The room is actually smaller than the pictures make it look. A little bigger would of been nice. The low ceilings is my biggest gripe with the room.

Thank you! Where could I possibly go from here??? haha
Great review, and providing your audio equipment history gives a good idea of your point of reference.
You had about $5000 worth of Paradigm/Marantz gear when you were 13, on top of a Bose system before that??? That's a lot of papers delivered, pop bottles collected, lawns mowed.
Hard work = cool stuff.
Congratulations on reaching the top of the electronics food chain while you still have ears to enjoy it.
Thank you!
I've been working since I was 12 and it took me 2 years of saving to get the Paradigm/Marantz set up. I was just shy of 14 when I got that set up. The Bose system came from a combination of saved allowance for YEARS, which was $5 dollars a week, selling old stuff, and doing extra chores for a little extra money. I've always believed in hard work and self-discipline
Congrats on the good system! I am only 2 years older than you and dont have anything half as nice as you but I unfortunately have some other expensive hobbies. One day I hope to have something that nice!
Thanks! I have another expensive hobby also, and that hobby is cars. I had to put that hobby on pause to be able to afford this system. My logic being there is no payment on the audio stuff. With a car payment, I wouldn't be able to save the money needed for such a system. So I bought the system first, and am now saving for a new toy as well as a house
Nice review, it is time for a universal Remote.
Thank you, yes it is!
Oh and nice setup too.
Nice setup. I remeber when I started mowing lawns when I was 13 and I earned about $500 that summer of mowing. Allowance was an unknown word in my household. Would have took me years to save up enogh for your Paradigm setup. Glad to see you made a good investment in the Seatons. An excellent move.
Very cool! Glad you are enjoying your speakers man, that's great to hear!
I'm a youngster too, just 17, and my dad's gotten me hooked on sound quality since I was little.
Didn't hurt that I'm a music lover either.. He bought me a 7.1 set of Atlantic Technology speakers for my birthday and Christmas since he knows how much I enjoy music. My best buddy even helped out and bought me a Marantz! I listen to them for hours and hours.. just tweaking, and listening for different things.. anyway, just very thankful for them.
I'm working my way towards a PSA Triax and some Ascend Towers and Horizon. =)

Anyway, very cool to hear about another young guy passionate about it too, congrats bro!
I was actually the first to take ownership of this new design. The stand for my center channel is different than what Mark designs now so I consider it to be unique as mine is no longer made. As an early adopter of this design ( 2nd version of the Catalyst ) I put my faith in Mark's vision to produce a speaker with huge dynamics and a large soundstage and it paid off big. For me there is no need to upgrade further, these produce big accurate dynamic sound. My Catalysts arrived in May of 2008 and they have never disappointed me.
Thanks guys.

Reddig, mowing lawns was good, but what really brought in some nice money for me was when it snowed. I made $200 bucks in ONE DAY by shoveling people's sidewalks! That's good for me even now lol.

Player3, you remind me of myself. Except nobody in my family was ever into audio. My dad loves Bose for some stubborn reason, but that's as far as it goes in my family aside from me. Sounds like your set-up was fantastic for your age as well. Good luck on what your saving for! You'll get there, diligence is key!

funlvr1965, You must be on Mark Seatons forums as well. I saw pictures of Marks horizontal center stand when he was making them. It certainly is unique. I can't imagine upgrading either. It's really remarkable how well these speakers do EVERYTHING so well!
 Very nice review and a lucky guy!. :)  Just be careful not to blow your ear drums.  
I share your enthusiasm. Having one of the first trios of Cat 12's now for around 4 years.. I still have no "upgrade itis". I never think about my audio equipment anymore when watching or listening. I just enjoy the experience. Having a system that is far more capable than it will ever be used is an amazing experience. There's always gas in the tank so to speak and everything else is effortless.
They definitely can blow out your ear drums if your not careful! I agree, I love being able to crank it as loud as I want without having to worry about anything.
Nice Blackdevil one can defintly rake in the cash shoveling snow but as you know it can be hard work! Very refreshing to see younger guys with a good work ethic. I also love hearing about the younger kids such as Player3 above and yourself having a passion for great sound. Too many of the younger crowd couldnt care less for sound quality and its a sad thing. I was like you guys when I was younger too. My passion for audio started at about 12 or 13 as well.
Thank you! I feel like I was born at the wrong time, I say it all the time. The majority of my generation, I can't stand lol
As a fellow owner, and having a similar relatively nearfield Seaton Cat12C system myself, I can verify the crystalline, ultra clean, vanishingly low distortion characteristics Blackdevil is enjoying.

I use my system several hours a day, everything from the 5am morning news ... to the Sons of Anarchy, mixing and editing personal recordings, music playback and enjoyment of Blu-ray multi-channel experiences, you name it. Regardless how much I use my system, at moderate levels or full tilt realistic playback, it offers zero harshness flawless reproduction of whatever I throw at it.

Spot on Blackdevil! Nice room, great review and congrats on everything.
Thank you! I wish I was able to use my system that often. I mostly get to use it on the week ends. Maybe a day or two during the week if I'm lucky
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