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For most viewers this is the Holy Grail for a 3Dmovie at home and equally as impressive for anytime 2D viewing as well.

A Review On: Sharp LC-90LE657 90-inch LED 3D HDTV

Sharp LC-90LE657 90-inch LED 3D HDTV

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Pros: Beautiful design with a stunning picture. 3D movies are incredible to view on this TV if it is connected to a decent A/V receiver and speaker setup.

Cons: Some noticeable jitter on some sources. Some 3D ghosting.

There is not much I would want to change on this set! It is beautiful to behold turned on or off. I love the color and brightness on HD channels. Even with the very slight, noticeable jitter in some motion scenes I was impressed. I was looking specifically for that though knowing it has a refresh rate of 120Hz. I think most people would not see it unless they are used to watching a 240Hz 60+ inch set. I have been watching a 240 Hz 70 inch Sharp for the past year and a half or so which I put downstairs. So I could see and compare my favourite movies and games on both very easily. But because of the size of the picture on the 90" it is VERY easy to forgive and forget about a little jitter here and there. It is definitely not too annoying. We currently have this TV is in a very well lit living room with a huge picture window on the one side of the TV  but this 90" behemoth is bright enough and still retains the colors very well, as it should, in this room.


The blacks could have been a bit blacker and the refresh rate may have been a bit better so I gave it a 4 star rating. Worthy of mention here is that I also purchased the professional calibration in order to minimize both contrast and motion issues but needed to wait for at least 100 hours 'burn in' time before I could have this done. I highly recommend this as step as well. Had I kept this one long enough I would have had a better feel for what it was capable of. I did book a calibration for my 80" after I have had it on for 100 hours as well


I would have given this TV a 5+ star review if not for the two very noticeable 1.5" bars running vertically about 1" in from either edge of the picture. It took about 4 hours of viewing for these to show up and for me to notice it but they are there and so I will be returning this TV. The sheer disappointment I felt upon seeing the bars was something else as I had my heart set on this TV for quite some time now. In hindsight I am very glad I purchased this monster from a reputable big box store and had the foresight to purchase the $300 delivery and set up package! That saved my back and because I did that, I can have the 90 replaced with a 90 or in my case, I will return and get the Sharp LC-80LE857U instead.


I will say though the size of this 90" is stunning and I am going to miss it! I will just have to console myself with the specs on the 80" Sharp at 12,000,000 -1 contrast ratio and the 240 Hz refresh rate of the 80 instead of the shear size and beauty of the 90. If Sharp could get the price down around $6999.00 and eliminate the bars and increase the refresh rate this TV could make their shares soar beyond their wildest dreams! I would even go so far as to say the size of this TV outshines the definition upgrade of any 4K TV that is smaller than it. Size definitely does matter here!

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I personally get head aches from 3D, BUT I notice it is a little better when viewing on a projector vs. a TV any ideas as to why?
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