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This is a good player that does what I bought it for - play blu-rays, stream wirelessly, play from a flash drive and most important - stream DLNA.

A Review On: Sony 3D Blu-ray Disc Player - BDP-S580

Sony 3D Blu-ray Disc Player - BDP-S580

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Pros: It plays blu-rays just fine, streams Youtube and lots of other apps and plays DLNA from my computer and/or tablet.

Cons: Is usually slow loading blu-rays though this seems dependent on the disc. Layout of internet apps leaves alot to be desired.

Picture Quality -First off I have a Pioneer Kuro 5080 which is 720p so really can't comment on what PQ is like on a higher resolution TV but it is fine on this. Also my aging eyes are not even 720p. Can't comment on 3D since do not have a 3D TV.
It also upscales regular DVDs very well as far as my bad eyes can tell.

Audio - I have it connected by HDMI through my Yamaha 663 receiver and sound quality is very good. I have Ascend Sierras and an HSU sub.

Streaming - The layout of the internet apps is very bad - you have to scroll scroll scroll to find anything. That said I do not do much streaming except occasionally youtube which is very good. What I use it for most though is streaming my music library from my android tablet or my pc.via DLNA. Sony has it's own android app -2player-which streams music from tablet or pc. Also it has an android app to control the player and which also gives disc info though sometimes this is laughably wrong.

Remote - This is poorly laid out with hard to see buttons. If I'm doing streaming where I have to use remote functions or search functions I just use the tablet app.

I have had this player since the end of Nov. 2011 so don't remember much about setting it up but can't recall having any problems. It has performed flawlessly since then. It replaced a Sharp Blu-ray which only played discs but was a freebie.


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AVS › Reviews › Blu-ray Players › Sony 3D Blu-ray Disc Player - BDP-S580 › Reviews › Plasmacat's Review