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An Well-Rounded Mid-Ranger for an Amazing Price

A Review On: Sony 60 inch KDL60EX645

Sony 60 inch KDL60EX645

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Pros: Vivid Colors, 120hz MotionFlow, Classy Design, Edge-lit LED, Sony Entertainment Connectivity

Cons: Excessively strong backlight, some flash-lighting, not calibrated well, slow SEN connection, MotionFlow (most of the time)

Features: This TV is wonderfully endowed with digital entertainment options. This model comes with built-in Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and etc. "apps." Unfortunately, these features load miserably slow (about 2 mins to open and fully open) but when they work they really do work well. This model unlike the previous year's counterpart (a model I can't help but forget its number) lacks 3D which did attribute to its lower cost. I have been following the 3D scene for a bit and the hype's definitely dying down but that's another story. It's not really a con but some people wanting a window to another world may be turned off. The TV comes with 120hz MotionFlow. It helps when viewing sports but eh I hate what it does to films. Really most things that come with this TV are kinda just gimmicks I don't use often. The TV's design is quite wonderful. It doesn't change the paradigm rather it embodies what most TVs should look like. It's better looking than a Westinghouse, a Sharp, or a Vizio.

Setup: Easy, fast, and simple. There's a setup wizard and such. It's not really much of anything to talk about. Most of my AV equipment was compatible.

User Interface: It's clunky, utilitarian, and requires an unnecessarily huge amount of sub-menus that just waste precious time. Then again most TVs and their manufacturers don't make these settings and UIs really friendly to common folk like myself. It's serviceable but rather dull.

Performance: It's great. I'm not a some guy who inspects every crevice and pixel on my TV. That said, I did find some flash-lighting in pitch black lighting. The backlight is a bit too strong for my taste. I did not take the settings that came with it with much confidence. It took a bit of calibrating but afterwards I found the colors to be rich, the details to be sharp, and the whites to be perfect. The TV is an edge-lit LED model. The blacks are somewhat better than conventional LCDs. No beating a Plasma or an OLED (which has much more years to wait for.) Honestly, I like it enough. It's serviceable. I mean it's just another 60' TV, that was just $999.99. What more could I really ask for?

Conclusion: I like it. It's pretty, new to me, shiny. I mean there are some quirks but eh. If we look to the flaws too much, we'll never find something we like. Peace.


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AVS › Reviews › Displays › LCD HDTV › Sony 60 inch KDL60EX645 › Reviews › EJ_is_now_in_3D's Review