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FOUR HUNDRED Discs, Plays Wonderfully, Perfect For Family Theater

A Review On: Sony BDP-CX960 400-Disc Blu-Ray Disc Changer

Sony BDP-CX960 400-Disc Blu-Ray Disc Changer

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Pros: 400 Discs! Hands off from any kids that may want to scratch any media, SACD

Cons: No RS-232, No 3D Support, No Internet App Support, A Little Slow on Blu-ray Reads, Deep

It's clear, the big deal on this player is that it plays and holds 400 discs: DVD, Blu-ray and SACD (inc. multi-channel).

Major Feature
To my knowledge, the last product even remotely similar to this to be produced was the BDP-CX7000ES, which is just a sister player to this one. Neither are currently being produced. So, you'll need to look at AVS classifieds if you want one (as of the time of writing, someone else is selling one). If you have kids, you'll appreciate that once the discs are loaded, they never get touched by human hands and the "robotics" in this changer does all the heavy lifting.

Vs. Prior 400 Disc Changer
As a former owner of a 400 disc DVD player from Sony, this one fixes my main issues with that model: Gracenote support! Now one can just put in all their discs and hit load and the vast majority will be pre-loaded with artwork, artist, title, etc. from the Internet. Some items will need to be manually entered, but it's not that big of a deal. It's also decently fast for changing discs, but it isn't very quick at loading the content on a Blu-ray. The XMB interface from the PlayStation is in this unit, and it works well to view and sort media. This is just as deep as the older players, but it still fits nicely in one of my wood ventilated cabinets.

Performance & Interface
  • RS-232: Unfortunately this unit doesn't have RS-232 support, so you can't just pick out a disc easily from your remote system, but if you don't want to go to all of the trouble of dealing with such a system anyway, it's no big deal. If you do need that, look at its big sister.
  • Quality: The picture quality really is quite good, though it doesn't stack up with the best players out there, but it doesn't support 3D.
  • Current Features: It also is a bit old, so you'll have to go with another player for Internet content like Netflix or Hulu.
  • Setup: The interface works well, and especially so for the day these were originally made.
  • What They Could Do: They could do is build a unit with a built-in streamer of the content to your personal network, which I think would be well received in the market. If Sony made these again as is, I think they would sell.

All in all, this is an amazing player that serves a great storage purchase. For critical listening or viewing, there are better players out there, but this fits the bill for convenience by the whole family.


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AVS › Reviews › Blu-ray Players › Sony BDP-CX960 400-Disc Blu-Ray Disc Changer › Reviews › schalliol's Review