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Sony BDP-S550 1080p Blu-ray Player

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #27 in Blu-ray Players


Pros: Cheap on used market, Analog 7.1 out, decodes all formats, great picture quality

Cons: A bit slow to navigate new Blu-rays and startup, a little noisy

I bought this player four years ago, and it is still my first and only blu-ray player. I have been watching movies frequently on it for the whole time, and have had no issues or mechanical malfunctions. Sony has been kind enough to update the firmware regularly, so it is always compatible with even the newest discs, although with the most feature-rich discs, navigation can be painfully slow. Playback is not a problem, however.

When I first got it, I hooked it up via the analog multichannel output, and that worked well, but then I upgraded to an HDMI receiver and that made it even better. I have an older HDMI receiver (Marantz SR7001) which doesn't decode HD audio, but does take Multichannel PCM, so the Sony decodes it and sends the audio over as MPCM and it performs flawlessly.

I have not tried the media and streaming capabilities, but I suspect they are quite rudimentary.

Video quality is great, and DVD upscaling is great, although I have never seen the cream of the crop Oppo players, so I don't know what I'm missing. I think you can buy these on eBay for around $40-50, so at that price, you should be pretty happy, I imagine.


Pros: Gold plated ports, 7.1 analogue audio out, Decodes HD Audio, Backlight remote

Cons: The media player is a joke, no streaming, loading movies with BD-Java can be time consuming.

Well...the time has come. I've had the Sony BDP-S550 for a few years now. This unit has served me well over the years as a standalone unit...but users be warned. It is a blu-ray player. All these extra features touted by Sony on this unit are worthless. My tv and HTPC already can view pictures and videos of many codecs...so anyone looking to buy this unit (used obviously) should not be looking for anything other than disc playback.

Disc playback:

Load times are heavily dependent on the style of the movie. If no Java is used on the disc, navigation is snappy. If Java is used on the disc (i.e. Surf's Up), menu response and loading times are significantly longer.

Options abound on this unit for video output (deep color, independent contrast, brightness and color). Audio output is slightly more limited in HDMI mode....PCM or "Auto". There is no separation of PCM vs. Bistream for different decoding formats. PCM or Auto are your only options. I have not tested analogue out myself but according to the manual adjustments are well optioned.

Odd features I like?

1. The display on the unit has three modes: full brightness, dim and off.
2. The remote is about 50% backlit blue. (all the media controls are backlit...which is good).
3. It outputs at 24p, which was not a prevalent feature when this player was out.
4. It outputs in PCM OR bitstreams all HD audio.
5. Quality of this unit is excellent. Weight is over 1 pound.

Overall, I still really like this player and it's my "go-to" player when disc playback quality is the primary concern.
Sony BDP-S550 1080p Blu-ray Player

The future of Blu-ray technology is here with the BDP-S550 and BD-Live. The BDP-S550 comes equipped with a built in Ethernet port and 1GB of memory on board (There is a USB port for additional Memory if needed as well) to allow you to access specially created content on your BD-Live enabled Blu-ray Disc Movie from the comfort of your Home Theater. Whether you are viewing upcoming trailers, playing a game with your friends, or just downloading a new ring-tone to your phone, BD-Live takes the movie experience to a whole new level. You still get the amazing picture performance of Full 1080/24p output and incredible upscaling up to 1080p for your DVD collection via the HDMI connection. Plus, to add to the great Home Theater experience, you get full bitstream output or, if you choose, internal decoding for Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD (Master Audio and High Resolution). To further the connectivity to your existing system, the BDP-S550 has a full 7.1 analog output for older receivers. Making all these wonderful features easy to access is the new Xross Media Bar� menu system, which is an icon based menu system for simple navigation. BRAVIA sync is also included which allows for easy one-button operation when connected via HDMI to other compatible Sony TV and Audio products. The BDP-S550 brings the world of BD-Live and Blu-ray to life!

FeatureBonus View & BD-Live (Profile 2.0) w/1GB flash memory for local storage Full HD 1080/60p & 24p True Cinema Video Output Dolby? True HD/DTS?-HD decoder built-in with 7.1ch out. Quick start up mode. Dolby? TrueHD & DTS-HD bitstream out over HDMI? (V1.3) x.v.Color? for AVC-HD
Item Height2.37 inches
Item Length17 inches
Item Width8.75 inches
Package Height6.8 inches
Package Length19.7 inches
Package Weight10 pounds
Package Width11.9 inches
ProductGroupHome Theater
TitleSony BDP-S550 1080p Blu-ray Player
UPCList - UPCListElement027242737518
Item Weight6.37 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement46777I SONBDPS550 BDPS550
Warranty1 Year Limited
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
AVS › Reviews › Blu-ray Players › Sony BDP-S550 1080p Blu-ray Player