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Great Blu-ray player for the price

A Review On: Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Player

Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Player

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Pros: Great picture quality, Small and light, quick and snappy menus,

Cons: Feels a little cheasy, can be slow when streaming

I've recently started setting up a family room theatre in my basement and I'm buying reasonably priced equipment so that I don't go broke. ;-) So I did some research when it came time to buy a blu-ray player and tired to find something that wasn't too expensive, but also performed quite well. This is always a challenge to find something in my price range that has above average performance at it's price point. With the research I did I settled on the BDP-S590. There were some negative reviews out there, but there were many more positive reviews. So I went a head and ordered it for $125.

After receiving it and getting it setup I threw in Star Trek to see how it performed with an action packed movie with good visuals. I was definitely impressed. The picture quality was great and the menus were quick to navigate and skipping through chapters was quite fast as well. Next I tried streaming Hulu to it. The first couple shows I watched worked great, but on about my fourth episode I experienced a little bit of delay and the buffering seemed to take a little longer. Luckily I don't do a ton of streaming so I haven't noticed this too much. And in fact when I have done streaming, 80% of time it's fairly quick.

The remote seems to be decent, but I use my Harmony so I haven't had much use with the remote provided with this player. Although I did use it during my initial set up and it seemed just fine to me.

Overall this player feels a bit cheap when you first take it out of the box, but once you place it on the shelf and set it up you shouldn't have to touch it again. And the performance you get out of it will make you forget all about how it felt when you first opened the box. For me the picture quality and snappiness of the menus far outweighs the fact that it feels light and flimsy. For the price that you can pick this player up, I'd be hard pressed to find anything that performs any better.

I'd easily recommend the Sony BDP-S590!

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Good review. I also have one of these, but I've found that streaming didn't perform very well at all (and that is what I mostly used it for) however, I was using wireless and recently upgraded my router, so it may be a completely different story now. I bought it for a basement setup as well, so I don't use it terribly often, but I think it does a good job as a blu-ray player--I'd recommend it as well.
AVS › Reviews › Blu-ray Players › Sony BDP-S590 3D Blu-ray Player › Reviews › jakob_s's Review