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A Review On: Sony HTCT100 Sound Bar with Subwoofer - Black

Sony HTCT100 Sound Bar with Subwoofer - Black

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Pros: Beautiful design, quality of components, broad range of sound

Cons: hdmi jack a little weak, large cable from base unit to bar, no wireless sub

I have always owned Sony products because of their use of quality components and this sound bar is no different in construction. It functions beautifully for all the shows I watch. From voices to helicopter flying by in the movie. No problem. I have not noticed any range that it fails to reproduce or give some life to. The price was in the ball park of all others which isn't always the case with Sony.
The biggest negative is the fact that there is a large cable running from the base unit (which has the sub woofer in it) to the sound bar. Unlike my other sound bar (Boston Acoustics) the sub is not wireless so placement must be close to the TV and bar.
The HDMI sensing and switching works perfectly. Having 3 HDMI inputs is nice but 4 might be better.
I would recommend to anyone and will continue to use this unit for a long time. No need to look for a newer model or some other.


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