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All you'll ever need if you don't lie to yourself

A Review On: Sony HTCT60 Soundbar with Subwoofer

Sony HTCT60 Soundbar with Subwoofer

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Pros: It's more than enough for 95% of true people's needs

Cons: It could be 3D and have more watts

Despite the fact that this is my first sound bar ever I honestly feel I can give you a realistic opinion on this product based on my own experience with it. The whole concept of a sound bar sounded really cool to my ears because I really wanted some sub-woofer sound for my movies, games and music, which was all in my PS3.

I went to Target and I almost bought a Philips one that was priced at 100 dollars. I was really looking for the Philips one because my TV at the moment was Philips.

However I noticed this one by Sony was longer, and since my TV was 50 inch, it was not going to look good, so I went ahead and bought this one for 30 dollars more, which wasn't too much of a difference.

I took it home and I found that it wasn't compatible with my Philips TV which didn't have an optical sound connection, I felt terrible. Then it occurred to me maybe I can just hook it up directly to the PS3 and BINGO, it had an optical output on it.

At first I couldn't make it to turn on because it can only be controlled with the remote provided, it was until I figured that you had to pull the plastic from the remote that I managed to turn it on.

I was so used to my Philips TV sound which to me wasn't bad, but when I connected this baby I was blown away, hence it is my first sound bar.

The sound was so rich, the surround was so involving, the volume was so loud. I was extremely happy. How can this be with only 30 watts? I told myself.

I don't need to spend hundreds of dollars in an expensive home theater, with wires all over the room, and little speakers hard to accommodate. This was stylish, classy, good looking, and the sound still overwhelming.

Of course as time passed I gotten more used to the sound, and started to notice that with some content if I want to really put the volume way up, having all the bass up can cause the occasional distortion in the woofer, a problem that only more watts could solve. Then I found that 3D sound also exist, and then I wanted that, and this didn't give it to me.

But despite wanting all those extra things from it, I would still not spend a penny on any other more expensive sound bar with more watts or 3D sound, or home theater for that matter. The sound and surround of this is still more than enough for my relative big room and it delivers the whole movie theater experience with my movies, an immerse playing experience with my car games, and a hardcore party experience with my music.

I no longer have my 50 inch Philips TV, I gave it away to my little brothers because now I have a 100 inch experience with my projector screen, in other words 4 times the size of the 50 inch Philips TV since inches are measured diagonally, where I watch my Netflix, play my 1080p Blu-Ray files, play my PS3 games, you name it. And yes I have awesome 3D viewing as well.

Now you probably would think that with that kind of upgrade I would now want to get rid of this sound bar and get something better, and that I would feel I need something better now. Nope, this sound bar still holds and does the job.

I have hooked my VAIO laptop with the Analog entry, my Sony 3D Blu-Ray player with my Coaxial entry, my PS3 still with my Optical entry, and all I have to do is select a button on the remote, so from the comfort of my couch I can switch between all 3 devices and get amazing rich sound from all 3.

The only way I would ever upgrade is if someone gave me something better through a winning contest of some sort, or like a gift from someone. Yet I don't even feel I would ever need that because this sound bar is more, and yes more, than enough.


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