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Good overall receiver with room for improvement

A Review On: Sony STR-DN1000 7.1-Channel Audio Video Receiver (Black)

Sony STR-DN1000 7.1-Channel Audio Video Receiver (Black)

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Pros: Upconverting, audio delay adjustable on HDMI, Inputs can be renamed, On screen display/GUI (also a con)

Cons: Heat, GUI/OSD only displays by itself, no video signal processed

I purchased this as my first HDMI switching AV receiver. Up to this point, I had a receiver with analog composite and component switching. Managed to get an open box special at Newegg. Setup was easy; I'm only using it in 5.1 but it is 7.1 capable. Calibration with the included microphone was fast and sounded good . I was immediately disappointed with the OSD. Basically, you have either the OSD/GUI displayed or your chosen video signal displayed, there is no overlay. The only advantage of having the GUI is that it displays more information than the front panel can. I would have preferred the chosen video source with the GUI overlayed, or even a small video "window" with the rest of the screen showing the GUI. What I wished for and what I got were two different things. There are plenty of inputs and outputs (4 analog composite {one front}, 3 component and 4 HDMI). All analog inputs do upscale and will output from the HDMI output.
The rest of my setup includes a Directv HR22/100 DVR HD box, A custom rebuilt and Modified Sony KD-SR60XBR1, a Sony BVP-S360 Bluray, Phillips DVP5990 upconverting DVD player, Gateway DX4200-09 computer as a HTPC and Energy Take 5 pack speakers with a Polk Audio PSW10 powered sub. Integration of my system was easy. As time went on, I found myself using either the DirectV receiver or the Gateway HTPC. I have had the system since 2009 and , aside from the heat generated by the receiver (would definitely recommend an extra cooling fan and NOT placing anything on top of the receiver), the receiver has performed well. I know there are newer and better receivers out there, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one. The only change I wish for is the aforementioned GUI. The STR-DN1040 currently listed as Sony's (non4K) flagship model has wifi and a better gui, but I'm not ready to make the change quite yet. For a 3 year old receiver, this unit has handled the test of time well. If you find one used and can get it for a good price, buy it.


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