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Great receiver for the value!

A Review On: Sony STR-DN840 7.2 Channel 1050-Watt A/V Receiver (Black)

Sony STR-DN840 7.2 Channel 1050-Watt A/V Receiver (Black)

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Pros: Enough power, inputs and features (wi-fi, bluetooth, etc...)

Cons: User Interface

Just purchased this receiver to upgrade an old yamaha that didn't have any HDMI jacks. I was looking for a receiver that could power my 7.1 system and also handle HDMI-CEC (ARC). This purchased fit the bill, so I purchased it to connect up to the a Samsung UN60F7100 TV. The issues that I have had are more based on the TV functionality as the receiver is doing everything that it is asked. The Samsunh AnyNet+ feature seems to message with the audio settings when powered on, so the receiver has to be reset to the correct input unless you are using the Smart Hub features. If you want your STB to work correctly, you will need to change the receiver input after about 10 secs when the TV sends a signal to change to the TV source.

In any case, the receiver is working just fine and easily connects to your Apple devices via AirPlay and other devices via bluetooth. It has enough power to handle my needs. My only complaint is the user interface and manual adjustments. The UI is very basic and "text" based which in this day and age dates the receiver. In addition, the settings are a bit limited. For example, you are not able to redirect the "Cable/Sat" input to a different port. Not a huge deal for my needs but more audiophile folks will want more control.

Overall - Great value for the features you get.


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