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Spilt/Second Xbox 360 An exciting, extreme demolition derby.

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Split / Second

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Pros: 101 ways to kill, maim and crush your racing opposition! Good Graphics and Sound.

Cons: Powering up to use explosives against your opponents

Split/Second for the Xbox 360 is an exciting, extreme demolition derby. It has good graphics and sounds close to being in an actual demolition derby racetrack. Except, in this demolition derby your opponents will try to bring down a building or a 747 Jet Plane on top of your car while you try to do the same to them. What I don't like about this game is building up power to be able to use the explosive charges against your opponents. The Storyline is a basic TV competition demolition derby. The goal to survive to the Season or TV Series Finale. A Projector would make the game be more immersive. Though I haven't used a Projector with this game. It is an o.k. game if you are in the mood for a destructive racing game.


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AVS › Reviews › Video Games › Split / Second › Reviews › PGTweed's Review