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A Review On: Toshiba BDX2200 Wifi-Ready Blu-ray Disc Player

Toshiba BDX2200 Wifi-Ready Blu-ray Disc Player

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Pros: Netflix, Youtube, plays video files from USB or SD card

Cons: Cheaply made, outdated internet options, no local network streaming

I picked up a Toshiba BDX2200 refurb for the bedroom at a ridiculously cheap price because it had no remote (I use it with a Harmony remote). My expectations were low, but I actually quite like it.

True, it's cheaply made, but mine works, and the build quality doesn't seem to be any worse than my Samsung Blu-Ray player. The video and audio output quality via HDMI is just as good as any other Blu-Ray player, and I don't particularly care that it has no analog component video output or optical audio connection. It's slow to load Blu-Ray discs, but everything else seems quick.

There's only a single ethernet port for network connection, no wifi without an extra-cost Toshiba dongle, but I use it with powerline ethernet. It has only a limited subset of internet apps, and some of those are obsolete, but the only one I really use is Netflix, and that works fine. It can play local video files from USB or the SD card slot on the front panel. Format support is limited, but includes some of the most common ones, and my PC can convert in minutes if necessary. There's no support for DLNA streaming or network file access, but it only takes a minute to put a video file on a USB stick and walk it over.

The user interface seems straightforward and simple to use. It includes all the basic functions and options I expect. I have seen it freeze up occasionally when shut down abnormally, and it takes a reset and a couple of minutes to wake it up again, but it's not common enough to be bothersome.

So overall, moderate expectations and adequate performance = happy user.


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