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Excellent Brightness and clear video, But Flickering Video and Power pack issues.

A Review On: ViewSonic PJD6251 XGA DLP Projector

ViewSonic PJD6251 XGA DLP Projector

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Pros: Great Lumens, versatility in mounting ease, clear picture, price point

Cons: Flickering video, Power pack issues, support.

I purchased this online for $949 February 2010 I consider my self a do it your self-er and the challenges when setting up 3D gave me a headache to the point where i gave up on it being able to play 3D. and i returned the 2 pairs of $129 glasses.


The Lumens is great. During sporting events we could have 2 over head florescent lights on in the room and there was no issues with seeing anything.
The Picture quality was very good. We played ours on a 98" screen about 12 feet from the screen
The controls were easy to navigate and plenty of options in them.
The mounting options were good.
Played both wide screen and 4x3


Advertised as 3D ready. When you go to set up or connect to 3D there is no support coming from Viewsonic at all. You will have to resort to forums and web searches. We could not get this to work unless you were setting 2-3 feet from the screen. any other distance would not work. I rate this as a Fail.
Finding accessories is limited only to viewsonic web site and out of stock parts are rampant. when i needed to purchase the connector that allowed component inputs i had to wait over a month for it to arrive.
For no reason at all the video would seem to drop down 2 levels in Brightness last for around 2 seconds then it would go back to the previous level.
Support is for the product is poor.
Known for power pack issues. You hit the power blue lite(indicating power) is on nothing happens with the unit. According to the manual and web site this is normal and the unit is starting up. But the unit does not start. After searching solutions it seems many have the same issue. if you are under warranty great if not you might as well throw out the projector. Unfortunately my power pack issues happened 3 months our of warranty.
Poor troubleshooting procedures. both on the web and when calling for support.


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AVS › Reviews › Displays › Projectors › ViewSonic PJD6251 XGA DLP Projector › Reviews › JimmboJr's Review