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good picture at a good price

A Review On: VIZIO E550i-A0 55-Inch Smart HDTV

VIZIO E550i-A0 55-Inch Smart HDTV

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John e Taylor
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Pros: good blacks with very little uneaveness, bright colors

Cons: unsure of native refresh rate , visio stated 120hz effective refresh rate and I do not notice motion blure

I watch movies primarily and some sports and wanted a backlit led tv not edge lite as I dislike the flashliting and uneaveness that edge liting produces in dark sceens and a local dimming feature also interested me at this price rangs. fit and finish is good and screen is mat so reflection is reduced. with basic settings as home and picture settings normal picture looked good with blues, greens fairly correct and facial tones normal . this is better than many sets in this price range. after setting up wifi netflix would not connect and signal strength was listed as poor. the next day after turning it on the tv messaged that it had updated its firmware, netflix connected well with signal strength good.

using an old home theater tune up disk I came up with the following settings for a shaded room

backlite 55
brightness 52
contrast 60
color 40
tint -4
color temp normal
advanved picture
nr off
mps nr off
color enhancement off
adoptive lumina low
film mode auto
smart dimming on
amb. lite low

with smart dimming set to on the blacks were very good viewing dark scenes however colors were slightly washed out but turning on adoptive lumina appeared to correct this.
because I watch some daytime college fb I left the ambient lite sensor on and it functions well. in a bright room or if you want more vivid colors you may want to bump up these settings a bit.
visio indicates 120hz effictive refresh rate and it is unclear if this is the native pannel rate or not . I am not seeing motion blure and movies look good with good black level and accurate color.
good tv for the money


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AVS › Reviews › Displays › LED HDTV › VIZIO E550i-A0 55-Inch Smart HDTV › Reviews › John e Taylor's Review