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Viewing movies (2D/3D) using the USB port

A Review On: Vizio M3D650SV 65-Inch Class Theater 3D Edge Lit Razor LED LCD HDTV

Vizio M3D650SV 65-Inch Class Theater 3D Edge Lit Razor LED LCD HDTV

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This would come under "How to"
I have the 650, for about 7 months. No problems and quite happy. Somethings you should know.
You can use the USB ports to view movies (mp4). Note that the port only sees FAT32, so you are limited to files less then 4Gb. There is one torrent site that has 1080p files that are smaller then 4Gb (you'll have to find it yourself).
I have a 500Gb passport (WD) hard drive USB(2.0/3.0) plugged into the 650 with 2D and 3D movies stored on it and they look great.
I have a 2.4/5.0 GHz n router but you can only use the 2.4GHz band with the 650. You can't upgrade because the motherboard only sees the 2.4GHz signal.

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I have a M3D650SV. I've spent most of the day trying stuff out and here's what I've figured out.

- You can use NTFS or FAT32!
- NTFS is the way to go, since file size is limited to 4GB on FAT32. (I've played 14GB files on NTFS)
- The partition size must be less than 2TB!
- DTS audio does not work (possibly if you hook optical audio out up to something it may - I haven't checked that)
- Many video types will not work. Who knows!?!, so I suggest transcoding to something known.

So Right now, I'm running all my files through mkv2vob (it's a FAST and free transcoding program) with "always transcode DTS" set to ON, and it seems like it's fixing everything!... For example, I just was checked 'Life of Pi', 3D, 14GB, off a 64GB thumb drive! (pretty cool huh?)
I have a 3TB HD that I set up a single 1.9 GB partition on, and I'm currently loading it up with transcoded movies. I think I've finally found a workable system.

Horray! Looking forward to comments! :-)