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A really really nice TV.

A Review On: VIZIO M501D-A2R 50-Inch 3D Smart LED  HDTV

VIZIO M501D-A2R 50-Inch 3D Smart LED HDTV

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Maybe I'm missing some of the review. Not much here other than looks pretty and passive 3D. Is there a second page to this with comparisons to other sets, or results with different resolutions, sources? Motion blur? Color gamut? Sound? What I'm reading is so different that other AVSforum reviews makes me think I completely missed part of it.
Thanks for the review - sounds like an excellent budget 3D TV! I'm looking forward to trying out it's passive 3D.
FWIW, 3D broadcast, blu-ray, you-tube, etc. all carry a metadata flag telling the TV the signal is 3D. The HD stream from your Roku and PS3 are not carrying the flag, as far as the TV is concerned it is receiving a standard HD video.
For the TV to recognize an un-flagged HD stream as 3D it needs to "analyze" the visual/pixels of the HD stream and determine it's 3D Side-By-Side, Over-Under, etc. This requires software and a somewhat robust CPU on board. (For instance, the Panasonic TV's with 2 CPU's recognize un-flagged Side-By-Side much quicker than the single CPU TV's.)
It's possible Vizio could add the 3D-image-analysis software later, but the strength of it's CPU might be a limiting factor.
I just purchased this TV on 6-21 and found out I could not force it into 3D mode to watch 3D content that it didn't recognize. I set up my WiFi connection, and within a few hours received a firmware update that fixed the problem. I can now put the TV into 3D mode no matter what the content is.
Now, one other problem I have been noticing is with audio sync. I have been reading forums on this problem for other TV's and nothing seems to work to fix the issue. The longer I watch, the worse the audio gets off track from the video. I have followed the advice of connecting source to home theater to TV, and that still doesn't work. Even if it did, I still have trouble with Netflix streaming from the TV itself. I have not hooked up a BluRay to see if it happens with that. I love the TV, but the Kung Fu effect is really distracting.
I have now had this TV for 2 weeks and I will probably be returning it. I have had three instances where the TV would not turn on using the remote or the power button on the set. I had to unplug the display, then plug it back in before it would turn on. Today, it actually was stuck "on" and I had to unplug it to turn it off. Also, several times that I tried to access Youtube resulted in the TV shutting down. As far as the audio sync is concerned, I am pretty sure it is an issue with Comcast.
I will first try to swap this set for another, hoping I just got a defective one. It does make me worry about long term quality. I love the TV in every other respect, which is the only reason I'm giving it another try (the price doesn't hurt my enthusiasm either). I'll update this again after I get another one, in case anybody is reading this.
I am on my second M501d. Both with the same issues. Severe flash lighting from the right side during dark shots and a white spot in the top right and bottom right corners. The display unit at Best Buy has the same issues. The TV does not see my server all the time. The TV IS DLNA compliant but not certified. They do not support Mac so I am on my own. One thing I did notice is when I view my server status, it shows the TV as an LG. Not what I was looking for. I will return the set and try a Samsung. I had a 46" Sony HX820 that died after a year and a half so i ant not going down that path again. The only TV that lasted for me was my 42" Panasonic Plasma. !) years and still going. I just wanted a bigger screen. The price for this set was great but i am sure there must be some good one out there but not a third for me.
AVS › Reviews › Displays › 3D HDTV › VIZIO M501D-A2R 50-Inch 3D Smart LED HDTV › Reviews › jaybot31k's Review