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Easy setup, great looking size to go with the bigger tvs

A Review On: VIZIO S5430W-C2 54-Inch 3.0 Soundbar (Black)

VIZIO S5430W-C2 54-Inch 3.0 Soundbar (Black)

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Pros: Ease of setup, loud, multiple connection options.

Cons: Bass is a bit lacking, has some connection/restart issues when switching from different components.

When I saw the announcement from Vizio on their new 54" soundbar. I knew aesthetically this soundbar would fit perfectly with my Samsung UN75F6300A, It is built solidly at 8.8lbs in a sleek black, with a silver band on the bottom. The sound bar also comes with a slender silver remote that has a lcd display screen to assist you in controlling your selections. The soundbar also has some led lights to show you when you are increasing or decreasing the volume. 


Setting up the soundbar was super easy. All I had to do was connect the HDMI arc from the soundbar to the tv's HDMI arc and plug the rest of my components such as my blu-ray to tv. This allows me to use my Samsung remote controller to control the volume. Now I have one less control on my coffee table. 


From a sound perspective this thing is loud. I've had it on 6 on the volume control and thought it was plenty loud.. Voices come through crystal clear during movies and regular tv usage. My only gripe is the bass from the soundbar is a little lacking and does not provide the depth that I'm accustomed to. However, luckily the soundbar has a sub woofer line out connection so if you are in need of that extra thump during an action movie this soundbar has got you covered. Once I connected a sub woofer to it, my liking for this soundbar increased, I wonder why Vizio didn't just come out with a wireless sub woofer to pair with it? 


The other function this soundbar has is the Bluetooth connectivity which allows you to connect any Bluetooth compatible device and play music. I tested this functionality and easily paired my Samsung GS3 running Android to the soundbar. I was able to connect to the soundbar from my kitchen (15ft away) and did not run into any sound degradation or connectivity issues. 


After 3 weeks of use, the only other compliant that I have is that sometimes my Samsung tv doesn't recognize the soundbar when you switch from tv to Blu ray or from Bluetooth to Blu ray, I'm not sure if this caused by the tv or the soundbar but its quite cumbersome that I have to turn the tv off or go to the settings to search for the soundbar to get it connected. 


Overall if you are looking for something to compliment your tv but do not want or have the space for multiple speakers I would highly recommend the Vizio 3.0 soundbar.


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AVS › Reviews › Speakers & Subwoofers › Soundbars › VIZIO S5430W-C2 54-Inch 3.0 Soundbar (Black) › Reviews › 03tlcharcol's Review