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If you must buy a sound bar I found this one to be a good value.

A Review On: Vizio VHT215

Vizio VHT215

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Pros: Easy set up, usability, and HDMI in

Cons: SRS fake surround does not work

I purchased this sound bar refurbished for $135 and set it up for my parents. I do not like the sound quality of any sound bar I have heard and think anyone thinking of getting should think of a 2.0 setup with powered bookshelfs instead. That said, this was a situation where space was minimal and I caved as it was cheap and I did not have to live with it.

3 HDMI ports, 2 digital audio inputs and 1 analog input
Supports Dolby Digital
Useless fake surround SRS mode, and a volume leveling mode (anti loud commercial mode)
Wireless subwoofer

Setup was pretty straight forward I did have to consult the manual to sync up the wireless sub woofer. The hardest part besides syncing the sub is plugging in the HDMI. This setup was strictly for TV watching so inputs did not have to be changed but it seemed simple enough if it needed to be performed.

Interface is basically all on a well laid out remote. You have to slide the remote out for more advanced features like the SRS (fake surround) as well as adjusting base level, etc. There is a display on the sound bar but it is too small and dim to be useful from a distance. For those irritated by bright displays this may be a plus.

I found the sound quality to be miles above the TV speakers but yet too tinny and small to recommend to anyone serious about audio. I tested the fake surround on the Matrix and for watching NFL football. It just do not sound right at all. This should be treated as strictly a 2.1 setup. According to reviews I have read this is an above average sound bar in terms of audio quality at the time of purchase. I have personally heard some low end Yamaha sound bars that exceed this one for about double the price. I think the crossover is too high to the subwoofer so keep it under the TV as you will be able to determine where it is coming from. This little bar and woofer have plenty of power at 185 watts. The lows, mids, and highs seem to be equally bad in my opinion but yet so much better then the TV speakers. The wireless sub at least gives this sound bar a low to berate. If you had to use a sound bar this is a nice low cost option. if you spend any more money than this on a sound bar and have space for real speakers you're doing it wrong.


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AVS › Reviews › Speakers & Subwoofers › Soundbars › Vizio VHT215 › Reviews › boykillsworld's Review