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Minimalist Look, Great Sound, Add A Sub and get close to Bargain Perfection.

A Review On: VIZIO VSB200 Universal HD Sound Bar

VIZIO VSB200 Universal HD Sound Bar

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Pros: Great Sound, Easy Setup, Multiple Outputs, Dynamic Range, Gets LOUD, SRS Surround Sound.

Cons: Size is pretty big. Remote Range, however can be fixed with a small modification.

We (our family) recently purchased a 55" ST60 for a small man cave. Speakers were the weakest link, so we began looking for a nice minimalist looking sound bar. Since the whole project was on a budget, we needed it to be a bargain price as well. After making this purchase we were pleasantly surprised by immersion the sound added.

This is an enclosed set of amplified speakers. The unit does have any type of equalizer control over the sound (bass,treble,etc). Therefore, you will need to use the equalizer settings on your input source. TV's usually have great settings for the basics such as bass, treble, etc.. This is where you will be able to control and adjust your sound. Also this unit does simulate surround sound. Most professional reviews mention just turn it on and forget you can turn it off. This sound bar does not include a sub woofer. However, I highly recommend purchasing one separately to enhance the experience.

The SB200 has two red/white RCA inputs, a sub output, and a digital S/PDIF. In my opinion the best output for your home theater will be the digital output. Next I setup my powered sub woofer using the sub output.This unit is extremely easy to setup.

The user interface is pretty basic and straight forward. The remote is not illuminated. Out of the box, the unit has a limited line of sight to adjust the sound bar. However, upon doing a quick internet search you will find that there are several quick easy fixes.

Now for the most important parts performance and sound quality. I have listened to a very large range of media through this sound bar. Everything from classical through rap and everything in between. With regard to music the sound quality is amazing, I can throw a party in my small man cave any day of the week. With regard to the movie/cinema experience, this thing ROCKS, and with an added sub woofer RUMBLES. Since this purchase I have purchased other more expensive sound bars from various companies, and I still love the SB200. biggrin.gif


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