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Pretty cool but not quite ready for prime time

A Review On: Xbox One Console- Standard Edition

Xbox One Console- Standard Edition

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This is a combo review of both the Xbox 1 and the PS4

I have had both of the next gen consoles. I was a Sony guy up until recently. I started off with the original Playstation so of course I got the PS2 when it came out. I never got an Xbox. So I stayed with Sony when the PS3 came out. Over the years I grew to absolutely despise Sony as a company but since I already had the PS3 I was pretty sure I was going to get a PS4. I was leaning towards getting an Xbox 1 because everyone that games at my work has an Xbox. But when Microsoft announced the whole DRM fiasco and not being able to share games I immediately swore off the Xbox. One of the main reasons I bought the PS4 was because I was looking forward to playing Battlefield 4 on it.

Playstation 4 - 3 stars
$100 cheaper than Xbox 1
Controller - I much prefer the PS4 controller to the Xbox controller but that just may be because I'm not used to the Xbox controller.

Won't play 3D BD's
Doesn't play CD's
Doesn't play MP3's
Can't put MP3's on the hard drive
Can't work with a universal remote

Xbox 1 - 3.5 stars
TV through Xbox - This actually works pretty well for me as I often want to go back and forth between video games and TV and turning
the PS4 on and off is a pain.
Can be controlled with a universal remote.

Won't play 3D BD's
Can't put MP3's on the hard drive
Can't turn rumble off on the controller at the system level
Xbox live doesn't really get you anything for your money other than being able to play online. At least the PSN gets you some free games.

Set up on both systems was pretty easy if you know your way around a home theater. The Xbox was slightly more complicated as you have to make one more connection to run your TV through it. But this feature is certainly convenient. One thing I don't like about the Xbox is the GIANT power brick that you have to find a place for. Not sure why it can't just use a regular power cord.

I listed the Kinect as both a pro and a con of the Xbox because when it works it's pretty cool but it only seems to work for me about 70% of the time. The only game I have played that is on both systems is Battlefield 4 and the experiences were pretty much the same. I didn't notice any real graphics or performance difference between the 2. The Xbox version does seem to crash a little more often for me than the PS4 version did though. Loading time on BF4 seems to be pretty much the same between the 2 systems and about twice as fast as the PS3.

After using the PS4 for a couple of weeks I ended up returning it and getting the Xbox 1. So far I like the Xbox a little better, not much but a little. I think both systems aren't ready for prime-time yet. But as they are right now I think the Xbox is slightly better. I still don't like the controller and there are a few things I miss about the PS4. I will probably get another PS4 in the future but the lack of 3D BD and CD support was ridiculous to me. Right now the PS3 is superior to either of them as a media player. I thought both of the BD player interfaces on the Xbox and PS4 were clunky.


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