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Very Impressed

A Review On: Yamaha Bookshelf Speakers

Yamaha Bookshelf Speakers

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I must say, when I bought these I wasn't expecting a whole lot. First, I didn't expect them to be much bigger than the bookshelf speakers I already had (I bought the Yamaha RX-371 that came with 5 speakers and subwoofer, which for starting out were great) Holy crap, these things are bahemoths compared to those. The woofer on this is basically as large as my old speaker itself. So after that, I was REALLY excited to hook these up as my front 2 channel speakers and test them out (I also have the Yamaha NS-C310 for the center channel, which is awesome btw). I was blown away. I tested the sound out with Saving Private Ryan first. Bullets were zinging by much louder than I've ever heard. Next up was The Dark Knight. I tested the first scene with the bank robbery. The glass shattering sound was amazing. The tweeters on this thing hit those high frequencies with no problems. My wife actually cringer because it was so loud. Then of course the scene with the joker trying to blow up the SWAT truck and Batman coming to the rescue. Good lord the detail was amazing! I had to watch the entire scene because it just sounded so much more incredibl than I was used to. Then finally, I tested music. Dubstep, hip hop, and metal. They sounded phenomonal! I tried listening with and without my subwoofer on. There is some decent bass production, but I would highly recommend that you use a subwoofer with these speakers (but that should be obvious, these aren't floor standing towers with large woofers)

Overall, for only having these for a day, I am very very happy with these speakers, and I am sure they will get better as they break in. They will be more than adequate as my front channels until I can afford the NS-777's, then I will move these bad boys to the rear for the surround speakers. If you are wanting to build a home theater system, or even just a stereo for music, Yamaha makes outstanding products for exceptional prices. I wouldn't hesitate at all recommending these, or any of their other products, to anyone!


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AVS › Reviews › Speakers & Subwoofers › Bookshelf Speakers › Yamaha Bookshelf Speakers › Reviews › infuriatedrain's Review