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A Review On: Yamaha HTR-5640 6-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver

Yamaha HTR-5640 6-Channel Digital Home Theater Receiver

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Pros: Plenty of composite and component inputs, analog and digital 5.1 inputs, more then enough sound to annoy the neighbors in adjoining apartments

Cons: only 1 optical and coax, no video upconversion, no osd or video overlay, no way to manually tune the radio with the remote

First off I would like to point out that this receiver came with a home theater in a box kit that included a 6.1 speaker setup which explains the high purchase price for this mid range receiver.
This receiver features 6.1 discrete and matrix modes, digital and analog surround inputs, 24 dsp presets, 2 switched AC outlets, A/B switch, and a composite/ component video switcher.
The best features are:
  1. Analog 5.1 input for use with my pc for surround gaming before the days of dts connect, ddlive or uncompressed over hdmi
  2. I used both of the switched AC outlets: one for the subwoofer and the other for a low power wireless audio transmitter
  3. the 6.1 matrix mode is great for playing stereo music on all 7 of the speakers
Features that could have been better:
  1. While the digital inputs are assignable they are only assignable to one source at a time. That being said if you had several optical devices and decided to use an optical switch box you would be unable to use the video switching capability as well. Thankfully my tv had just enough component inputs that I could bypass the receiver for video duty.
  2. The remote allows you to swap between radio presets but you must define them first on the avr and the scan function can only be used on the avr and not remotely
  3. The analog 5.1 mode completely takes over the avr and must be disabled instead of just simply switching to another source or tuner (does have a dedicated button for this but still annoying and pointless)

This avr has no automatic speaker calibration however it does have a setup menu that allows you to set how many speakers, distance, and speaker type. The menu system is slightly easier to navigate from the remote then on the actual avr.

As I said previously this avr has no video overlay or setup that can be viewed on your tv/projector but for the price including the speakers I wasn't really dissapointed.

This entry level receiver is a clear step up from the htb kits that don't require a separate amp for the subwoofer.

Overall this receiver has lasted well past it's useful lifetime considering all the newer avr with internet streaming and hdmi switching and usb ports to directly connect personal media players.


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