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Great receiver with good sound quality and easy set-up!

A Review On: Yamaha RX-A2000 7.1-Channel Audio/Video Receiver

Yamaha RX-A2000 7.1-Channel Audio/Video Receiver

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Pros: Sound quality, video quality, easy set up, YPAO auto calibration, great design

Cons: remote, manual

I purchased a Yamaha RX-A2000 a few years ago and have been very happy with it from the day I hooked it up. Set up is very straight forward and easy and I didn't run into any issues. Once I got it up and running I used the YPAO auto calibration to calibrate my speakers and it worked flawlessly on the first try.

My main reason for upgrading my receiver was to get more HDMI inputs. My previous (very old) receiver only had 2 inputs which made life very difficult for me. I did some research and found the RX-A2000 had plenty of inputs and had very good audio and video quality along with many nice features. I found all of this to be true after breaking it in for a few days. The on-screen menu is also very easy to navigate, although it can be a little daunting as there are many options go cycle through. But I've found that Straight mode works great in most situations and along with the auto calibration I haven't had an issue with my audio once.

I do have a couple complaints however and they are not all that important to me. One is the remote. It's a tad on the large side and on top of that it has a flip down door that reveals even more buttons. As nice as it is to have control over so many things with dedicated buttons, it can get be quite annoying to find the button you want. But I have a logitech harmony remote and that completely negates any issues I have with the supplied remote. My other complaint is the user manual, or lack there of. There is no physical manual, which a lot of electronics are going to now. But seriously that doesn't make sense for a device that is supplying video. If I had any issues during set up and needed to refer to the manual I would have had to pull out my laptop and pull up the manual from a pdf. Luckily I didn't have that issue, but it is still a tad annoying.

Outside of those two minor issues I have, there really isn't much for me to complain about. Running my BenQ W1070 along with this receiver and my Studio series JBL's is sure a nice treat. I can't be happier with my picture quality and audio quality. After owning this receiver I could definitely say that I would buy a Yamaha for my next upgrade.


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