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A Review On: Yamaha RX-V375 5.1-Channel AV Receiver

Yamaha RX-V375 5.1-Channel AV Receiver

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Pros: YPAO to set the speaker parameters for your speakers. 4 digital inputs. 4 HDMI imputs. Multiple scene settings. Great value.

Cons: Lack of printed manual slow your leaning curve when you have to view it on your computer.

I bought this receiver to replace a tired old Sony in my TV room. It was not intended to be a home theater receiver as I already have one of those downstairs. This one seemed to have all the features I needed at a good price.

This receiver far surpassed my expectations. I owe most of it to the YPAO setup program. Could not be much easier. Just plug in the microphone, get out of the way and let the receiver adjust the speakers for you. I must say that the speakers now sound better than they did on my old receiver. The crossover from the sub was set right where it should be and the equalization sounds quite flat. The only change I made was to boost the sub a couple dBs. Sounds very natural and pleasing. Dialog is very clear.

There are plenty of scene modes to match the type of material you are viewing. "Drama" works well for most material while The modes for "Sci-fi" or "Spectacle" add punch to action movies. You can preset buttons for TV or DVD to your favorite mode, but can easily change it depending on the material.

A nice feature is a setting for initial volume when you turn the receiver on so that you do not get blasted by accident. It just turns on at your normal listening level. This feature along with an option to set the maximum volume may save a speaker or two if you have a teenager in the house.

All in all, this receiver far surpassed my expectations. Hard to find as good a receiver with these features in this price range.


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