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Yamaha RX-V673 Receiver


Pros: Dual subwoofer outputs, lots of HDMI inputs, 'Net Radio, Pandora, Airplay, CEC, remote is universal, lots of power for most home theaters

Cons: Setup could be easier, banana plugs missing for Front Height Speakers

The design of the RX-V673 is sleek yet understated. No spouse should complain no matter where it's placed.

The display window on the receiver provides the user with almost anything the user wants to know, and with the press of a button on the remote it can be displayed on screen.

The hand-held remote can be programmed to control most TVs, BD players and other electronic devices, too. The receiver's remote can be also easily programmed to control most set top boxes, which means the Yamaha remote acts as a universal remote for most electronic components, a cost-saving factor.

The receiver includes Airplay, a Radio tuner (but no digital radio), and 'Net options to retrieve and play music from PCs, tablets, servers, the Internet, etc.

The user can easily configure the receiver to power up a device, select the sound mode, volume level, etc., all with a single press of a "Scene" button.

For both the neophyte and the audiophile, configuring speakers is as simple as connecting the included microphone to the receiver, pressing a button on the remote, and watching and listening as the receiver's software does its thing with virtually no input from the user, save the number of speakers to be configured.

There is only a single HDMI output. More and more receivers are including a second HDMI output, along with Digital radio and more HDMI inputs. But these receivers are usually a few hundred dollars more than the value-priced Yahama RX-V673. When all is considered, unless you must have it all, the Yamaha RX-V673 is a great AVR at a great price.


Pros: More features than I can use. Zone 2 lets me send output to my adjacent bathroom. More than enough HDMI for me.

Cons: User's guide is on CD. Setup was difficult and time consuming. Remote has numerous small buttons w/o backlight.

I got this Yamaha RX-V673 7.2-Channel AV Receiver about a week ago to replace an old Yamaha box that served me well for over 10 years.

My major requirements for this newer device were:

1. It should have enough HDMI inputs for the future (it has 5).

2. Have a reasonable price/feature ratio. This previous year's model had almost as many feature as the latest and greatest rmodel.I did not need built-in Bluetooth or WiFi of the latest unit in my bedroom at this time, and can add it with optional devices from Yamaha. Connecting to my home networki was easy to setup without Yamaha's optional adapter by attaching an an Ethernet cable from my Apple Express to the receiver.

3. A Zone 2 was needed to send audio to my bathroom speakers. The Yamaha has this. This was the most complicated part of setting up the bedroom system. Mostly, due to the need to coordinate input HDMI cables (HiSpeed) and Speakers in both rooms as well as a poorly trained installer "ME!" . The on-screen display (GUI) was not the friendliest to use due to the documentation from Yamaha, and, the need to flip through lots of pages in the manual that I copied in my iPad.

4. The Remote Control should be useable by my wife! This was impossible before and, now it is even more difficult because of the need for 3 remotes now (- a 46" Sony Smart TV, the Yamaha remote, and a Roku remote). I am currently in the process of settng up a new Logitech Smart Touch remote which uses an iPod Touch/Logitech remote to hopefully simplify this aspect for me and my wife?

5. Be able to drive my bedroom speakers (Pioneer "Jones"bookshelf fronts, a Mirage nano-stat for center speaker, and B&W ceiling speakers for rear surround speakers) as well as the two Polk speakers in my bathroom. No problem with the 673. I had a problem with the old Yamaha blowing the fuses with power spikes getting to the Polk speakers.

As far as sound quality, my wife said that since installing the new receiver, she noticed a marked improvement in the audio. We had a lot of trouble with changing sound levels during TV programs and with advertisements with the older Yamaha. The newer one has just about eliminated this problem! Also, after using the included "microphone" to "calibrate" my speakers, I have noticed I can hear dialog clearer than before. This was a problem for my 80 year old ears. I could not be any happier with the sound now!

Price-wise, the unit was about $200 cheaper than the newest model on Amazon. I have to add that I tried a Pioneer VSX823 and a Sony STR-DN840 prior to the installing the 673 Yamaha. Both fell down in trying to use my bathroom speakers. They also had poor on-screen GUIs, and inadequate documentation, IMO. It would take another hour or so to compare all three receivers. Suffice it to say that the Yamaha has hit the mark for me, even though it is last year's model!


Pros: ARC - Zone 2 - Airplay - YPAO

Cons: None yet

I am upgrading from a 10 year old sony str-db870. I am no audiophile but love my music and movies. This receiver does fill that void. For the price, it has a ton of great features that makes me question why I waited so long. I have it setup in a 14x16' family room with a vaulted ceiling and solid oak floors. For speakers, I am using Paradigm Atom, Mini and SE center. The Sub is a 12" powered Cerwin Vega. The back surrounds are Boston Acoustic and Outside (Zone 2) are Nile OS-10. There is plenty of power to really make these speakers sing. After 2 weeks this is my feedback.

YPAO - Very easy to setup and run. After config, noticed it was lacking overall bass. Went into the manual setup and had to change the speakers settings to small and raise the sub output from -8.0db to +3.0db. It basically muted my sub.

Network - I bought a Netgear WNCE2001 wireless adapter for $30 and it works great. Took a bit to get it to recognize my router but has been solid since. Internet Radio is awesome. You can Bookmark stations through a web browser and than you have a custom playlist. AIRPLAY is flawless. I sit on my patio and stream my music from the iphone to Zone 2. That is priceless!

ARC - works great with my Sharp LC-52LE640U. It turns on and controls the TV. Also the built in WiFi on the set has netflix and it also works great. No need for an optical cable.

Zone 2 - The easiest setup I have seen yet. Turn zone on and set input. Thats it. From the iphone can access most of the important features. Now my kids can watch a movie inside while I listen to music by the pool. The Niles speakers really sound impressive even with internet radio playing.

Dialogue Lift - another great feature for those times when they talk real soft in a movie. Just turn it up a few notches and no more struggling to here the dialogue.

Overall, I must say this is a big step up from what i had. You will not be disappointed.
Yamaha RX-V673 Receiver

Feel the power with the RX-V673 from Yamaha. Versatile speaker options include 7.2 channel surround, front presence, Bi-Amp main speakers or independent Zone 2 operation. Play your favorite movie in powerful surround sound while others dance to Pandora on the deck, all powered by the Yamaha RX-V673. The Yamaha AV Controller App provides simple yet powerful network control in either Zone at once. Installation is a breeze when you use the advanced YPAO (RSC) auto calibration and sophisticated Graphic User Interface to expedite setup and ensure accuracy. Expand connectivity with Apple AirPlay and versatile USB input for iPad. Enjoy ECO mode today and 4k video up-scaling for next generation of super-high resolution displays. The RX-V673 provides refined digital processing for an enriched audio video experience.

Feature7-channel powerful surround supported in HD Audio format decoding: Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio; Dolby Digital Plus and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio Network recceiver with AirPlay, allows music streaming from Mac, PC, iPod, iPhone, iPad 4K Upscaling for next generation super high resolution displays, and HDMI (4 in/1 out) with 3D and Audio Return Channel AV Controller app for operating various functions from an iPod, iPhone, iPad or Android phones YPAO R.S.C. (Reflected Sound Control) sound optimization for automatic speaker setup
Item Height6.75 inches
Item Length14.38 inches
Item Width17.13 inches
Package Height16 inches
Package Length21 inches
Package Weight21 pounds
Package Width16 inches
ProductGroupReceiver or Amplifier
TitleYamaha RX-V673 7.2-Channel Network AV Receiver
UPCList - UPCListElement027108941219
Item Weight22.5 pounds
CatalogNumberList - CatalogNumberListElement027108941219
Warranty2 years parts, 2 years labor
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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